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Turbo kit and on

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I've decided to just buy a turbo kit and go from there rather than individually hunting for parts...( i want to search but don't have enough time:run: )It seems though there are few companies left selling turbo kits...Vishnu, Forced Air and Ludespeed....
I'm leaning towards Ludespeed Stage I,buy intercooler on my own and go from there to 7psi running Stage II daily driver...
As i heard from many ppl..there are hiddens costs here and there....I expect same question is what are ur hiddens costs when u bought a turbo kit.....?
Any advices in terms of my way of setup....?
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Too many hidden costs to mention for my particular setup. I'm running the Legacy Turbo setup on my RS (halfway installed) and it seems it has been nothing but hidden costs. $70 for WRX exhaust gaskets here, $45 on various brass fittings and lines, it has come out to quite bit. All my Legacy stuff has cost quite a bit, but then again I'm using nice products and going a VERY safe route.


Can you post a list of parts you are going through? I'd love to document the whole thing...
James, can do, just give me till later on today to get everything assembled so I can list it all.

Just wanted to bump this up, because I'd love to hear some other feedback to psaeko's question.
As i heard from many ppl..there are hiddens costs here and there....I expect same question is what are ur hiddens costs when u bought a turbo kit.....?

You said it brother. The cost of the turbo was bad enough. The cost of the other go fast goodies is a problem I am facing now. The number one hidden cost for me is a J&S knock sensor and high torque clutch. The install if you don't do it your self will cost around 400-600 bucks. After you run it for a couple of hundred miles you will see and hear things that need attention. It's fun and hell when you spool up and shift and hear the BOV do it's thing. It's a riot when you do it next to a Honda and the guy driving it will snap his neck to look over at your car...:happynow:

keep it goin

ok. i'm glad that this thread is alive:sunny:

I expect changing clutch and flywheel and 3" exhaust to match the turbo setup...
Also putting gauges will also be X-tra
I"ve been memorizing these things and it looks like 7lb daily driver will cost around 6000~8000 with labor:eek:
plus tranmission will go so x-tra money should be available....
hmmm...sounds like $10000+:eek:

if i'm going for tec-ii or other aftermarket engine J&S necessary?
If you go Tech II you don't need to get a J&S. That is what I need to do. Just get it done and over with....

Well, if you do the install on everthing yourself, you can cut about a 1/3 of that money off. I just did my own install, with the help of my brother and a Subie tech, and couldn't even tell you that a turbo was connected to your exhaust last August.

I think that practically ANY mechanically inclined person can do the install, so don't immediately count this out, it just takes more time and patience. My car was down for three weeks, and probably has around 35-40 hours under the hood, but I know TONS and TONS more about everything now.

As far as your 3" Exhaust, not necessary and don't waste your money. Anything from 2.25"-2.5" will be fine for a turbo. Theoretically a 2.5" exhaust is enough for around 300 HP. Remember, you want SOME back pressure, as it will aide in spooling your turbo.

The TEC-II is a good buy, though not completely necessary unless wanting to run higher boost pressures. For 5 psi, a RRFPR, Voltage Clamp, Walbro Fuel Pump, and ITC (or a J&S) would be fine.

Transmission should be fine as long as you don't abuse it. This is why guys have blown gears, because they simply don't regard their tranny as something to take care of. Many blame ACT clutches for blowing gears, though there is no imformation to prove this. Simply because it doesn't have much slip and a strong pressure plate isn't grounds for declaring it a "bad clutch". I am using one right now and it works fine, but you must understand that much more torque is being added to your drivetrain, so more care needs to be taken.

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First of all I need a beat up daily driver so i can work on the car...
I'm still in learning process due to my late entry of enthusiasm in cars last year.....thanks for the advice graham...
i might go 5lb daily driver 1st b4 moving upto 7lb
Definetly go with the lower boost from the start. I am only running 3-4 psi right now, though this is mainly due to having a low wastegate setting.....:( . To solve this I will have to buy an Electronic Boost controller, most likely the GReddy Profec-A.

Once again, do the install yourself, even if you have to find someone to help you. Spending $200 on a beater is much better than spending $2000 for install stuff. I myself drove my uncles 944 Turbo Porsche around for the 3 week downtime, it was lots of fun....:biggest:

I think my RS would be down for more than 3 weeks if i had a Porsche to drive around in. ;)
StiShawn is selling his turbo kit, talk to him and you may be able to save some $$$
Hmmm, maybe I will just get the Stromung mid-pipe to work with my current Stromung exhaust then?! Yea I am also getting all necessary parts so I can start the project, although I doubt I will be able to do the work myself, mainly I ain't strong enough (even if I am smart enough to figure out what to do)...a 5psi will work well for me.

So guys, think the Stromung setup will work out or do I need a 2.5 or even 3" exhaust system (then maybe the CATs or even the header are getting into the way)

Custom midpipes aren't to much to have made, ranging anywhere from $80-$175. This is another route, though giving your car to the shop might be a pain.

Do the install yourself man, just get a friend, or Subie Tech in my case, to help you out. It really isn't that difficult, and the ramifications are plentiful. You will be SOOO much more knowledgable about your car if you do it yourself, and can even save some serious coin in doing so.

The feed/return lines can be found at

I used the banjo bolt return to the bottom of the tank, but I recommend tapping your tank and feeding it properly,

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