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Ok Dudes and Duddettes!
I'm sure you all have heard this before, but I'm planing on buying a turbo kit for my 2.5 I have found a few of them outhere and finally decided to settle for Forced Tech stage 03, I just would like to hear it from you guys and seen how reliable the EJ25 really is I ofcourse don't have my doubts that this is a kick ass engine but I would like to hear some of your input and things to look out for in the future, as this is my every day commuter to work.
The questions I have are:
-How realiable this EJ25 as daily commuter is with a turbo charger installed?
-would I need to do any mayor work done to my engine?
-would the transmittion STOCK! be able to handle the turbo?
-I would definatly need to have my engine managed if so what sort of engine management systems would you recommend?

I'm an idiot when it comes down to cars, but I trying to research to learn more.
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