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Hey folks, this is my first post and as a Subaru owner I'm glad I found this forum :)
I bought a second hand 1999 Subaru Casa Blanca as my first car about a year ago. It originally have a EJ18 N/A engine in it but it already have quite some mileage when I bought it and it feels really under powered, so after some asking around I decided to do a EJ25 swap.
This is my first car and I was never a car guy before owning this Subie so I didn't bother asking the mechanic who did the swap for any details. However after some time taking care of it, I found myself wanted to know more about this car. One of the question is what exact model of EJ25 it is.
The mechanic said it "may be" an SOHC EJ251 but the uncertainty in his words really bugs me. So I reckon to seek help from more pros in the forum :)
Here's some pic of my engine:
(I blurred out some stickers that I'm not sure if contains PII information)
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Bumper Gas Automotive wheel system
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Gas Auto part Trunk
Hood Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive design Automotive lighting

Motor vehicle Car Hood Automotive fuel system Automotive design
Motor vehicle Car Automotive battery Vehicle Automotive air manifold

Not sure if these pics can help, the only thing I can identify is it's drive by cable and it have the coil pack on top of it.
Also I'm based in Taiwan and before 2002 Subaru have partnered with a TW company to manufacture and assemble parts locally, the company will do some modifications to the design so I can't 100% be sure if it's JDM or it's TW exclusive馃槗

Thanks in advance for any info and replies!

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From the photos it seems to be a 98-04 SOHC Ej25, likely on the earlier end of that range. It seems pretty unmodified other than the wiring harness for the TPS which I'm assuming is because wiring had to be done to swap the engine.
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