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Trunk Monkey

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The Trunk Monkey Lives!!! He came with a little girlfriend that holds onto his chest hairs. Ouch! And they swing from one side of the rear strut bar to the other playfully. I tell them not to start smoking because I don't want to clean up the ashes and cigarette butts after them and because they're sitting above the gas tank. Drinking is fine, but :barf: cleaning comes to play once again. Please don't yell at me for being too hard on my trunk monkeys, guys. I tell them to stay on the right side of the bar so I would have some extra weight on that side (considering the battery, exhaust, and me are on the left side) I got the boys from 'Hubb's Hobby Shop' in town. I won't list their list price, because they're priceless when it comes to their unlimited uses in the trunk. I'll also check my 1/4 mile times with and without them at the track just so everyone will get an estimated performance gain the two will provide for my RS. I'll also try to have updates on the breeding/living conditions they'll go through in the future. Oouuh la-la...:)
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i'll be waiting for updates!:lol:
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