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The Outback tranny was chosen to be the way it is because IMO with these in mind; TOWING on the hiway. The gearing of the OUTBACK is the same 1-4 as with all the '96+ NA-trannies. However the 5th gear of the Outback was shorten IMO so towing on the hiway would be easier since the Outback is such a heavy vehicle. Only the OUTBACKS have this shorter 5th gear compared to the rest of the trannies. s

The 2.5L motor Subarus seem to have be equipped with the 4.111FD. Some other models that don't have a heavy weight on them and are of a lower trim of the newer years have a 3.900FD.

If you where to gather many gear ratios and Final Drives from all the Subarus, you'll have an idea of how they work and which is ideal for what. Ratios also affect power delivery if they make the next gear change stay in the power band or not.

Here's the JDM STi 6spd (i know the ratios by heart)
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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