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Hi Subie lovers, long-time Subaru owner, first post here, looking for help and/or feedback on a 4EAT transmission problem.

I recently had my 05 Impreza 4EAT automatic transmission rebuilt, plus I had to install a new valve body due to faulty solenoids, plus I had the Subaru Service Bulletin 16-72-07 Automatic Transmission Learning Control Procedure (which needs to be done after transmission is disassembled or when the valve body is replaced, among other conditions) done. All this was done to fix a 2nd to 3rd gear slip that happens under light acceleration, especially on inclined roads.

I talked to my car mechanic, and he says that having done all work mentioned above, he suspects a wrong application of the learning procedure re the Service Bulletin I mentioned above, or possibly a faulty transmission control module that is not accepting the learning procedure.

Should I try doing the learning procedure again, drive the car for a few days to see if it somehow adapts to all the new parts and finally stops doing the gear slip, or take it back to the shop (which is what I intend at the moment depending on a local Consumers Affairs office determination later this week)?

I have read that this may also be caused by the TCM, ECU, the accelerator pedal position sensor or the throttle position sensor, among other possible causes.

Thanks for any advice given!!!!
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