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A week ago on a long drive back home I noticed my 5th gear and neutral (maybe every gear, exhaust is loud hard to tell) making an unpleasing constant clunky noise shortly before I got home. I checked the fluid level it was on the low line and dark. After replacing it the next day I could tell the old fluid was burnt, but even after taking it for a drive it still gave me the same sounds. To clarify it does shift smoothly with no noise concern between shifts and the noise stops when the clutch is in. If anyone could help me figure this out that'd be great. 2001 legacy transmission if that helps idk if it has a bad rep but it was just put in 2ish years ago.

While I was draining the old trans fluid I noticed a thin film of oil covering the entire oil pan, and a lot more one the plate directly behind it crossmember included. Also on the plate for the transmission mount further back (I think this is trans fluid ill leave a pic of where exactly). I did find some oil leaking from my passenger valve cover gasket but it all seems to land on my headers up pipe and burn off. A lot was covered in oil while my oil levels remained okay, even the timing covers had some oil seeping through them. Somehow none of this was enough to leave a drop on the ground when parked.

Not to mention I just had this ej205 put in 4000 miles ago so a little surprised by the workload ahead of me. The person that installed this motor for me about 3 months ago did the rear main seal, oil pan and I know they opened up the valve covers just not sure if they changed the gaskets. Only adding to my confusion

I'd rather not play guessing games and wind up pulling my motor/trans/ doing more work than I have to so any guidance or ideas I'd appreciate.

The pics are after I cleaned it
IMG-1672.JPG IMG-1661.JPG IMG-1664.JPG IMG-1660.JPG IMG-1665.JPG IMG-1668.JPG IMG-1674.JPG
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