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Fairly easily???
Ok ive got access to a 99rs 5spd,,low mileage .Can i swap out the 99s 5speed to my 00rs auto and put the auto back in the 99?? I know the ECUs gotta swapp .And i know the 00 has the LSD axles.Is this a feasible swap.Ive got acess to lift,tools etc.
Thanks in advance,,

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I know someone back on the I-club has done this. He was out west somewhere, but I think he posted about it. If you haven't already, a search for AT to MT switch should hopefully bring it up.

As far as I know, as long as you swap the drivetrains, you should be alright with things. As for rewiring the ECU. Whew, sounds like a good job for a summer weekend or something. If this is a real plan for you, I'd be willing to help. :biggest:


Edit: Found a few, here they are..\
Search under member name MPREZYA and you'll find some better info. Hope this helps.
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