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Topanga Canyon/PCH run March 16th

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posted this at i-club, but wanted to post here too. i wanna see some GC8s for this shindig! we are meeting in the Ralphs parking lot at 9:30am and leaving around 10am. Addy is 21909 Ventura Blvd., city of Woodland Hills. We will then take Topanga Canyon down to PCH and take that (Hwy 1) to Sycamore state park for some BBQ and fun. Bring sporting equipment etc. i'm tired of seeing WRXs outnumber GC8s at every meet so show up please!


my scouting run:

to see all the pics, click here
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Hey I'm down to go where is this Ralph's again? what are the cross streets rather?
cross street is Topanga Canyon (Hwy. 27) and Ventura Blvd. The addy i gave should work for a map if you use mapquest (i hope :D )

about how long will it take to get from woodland hills to the state park?

it took me about 40 minutes doing the speed limit (and slower at one point) it's a nice drive, you won't really notice the time. :D

I'm considering going...the 2.5 needs to be represented!

I'm thinking that I'll probably not go though. I can't stand 99.9% of those scic goons. I'm gonna test the waters and find out if the people I REALLY hate are gonna be there or not. Just keep your eyes open for my car lurking around the corners ;)

hey marc if it helps you to come, we can always do a football game of 2002 owners VS pre-2002 owners :p

Just met Val, John and Ryan today. John convinced me to go. No football though please! I'm not big enough for that!

I'll show. I have been meaning to get out an drive. I have a GC8, not a 2.5 but still a Suby!

here's a bump for you "i can't read" sorry-excuse-for-an-RS-owners! not even 2 pages! :curse:


p.s. please help represent the GC8 contigency in june :happynow:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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