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So I'm in Aggieland on a business trip and worried that I'll get keyed because of my 'Horns decal on my rear winshield. Hahaha! I think I need to worry about the idiot drivers doing fly-bys here instead. Here are the Cliff's:

I'm on a two lane highway with an oncoming ramp to my right. Out of the six cars, one happens to be a nice black 350z. He's next to me and looks like he needs room to get on the highway. So being nice, I slow down to let the guy in. Only to have the dick speed up, cut me off, pass the car in front of me on her left, veer back to the right cutting her off, and get back to the original spot in the oncoming exiting! :monkey: Nice going shit-for-brains!! Just sucks trying to be nice only to get shit on... :rolleyes:

Have to say that the car was beautiful...too bad the owner/driver is a tool! :monkey:
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