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Sooooo JDM :)
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Here's what I have off the top of my head, pics coming later:

98' Impreza "L" AWD auto:

  • Front subframe... suspension, axles, knuckles, calipers, rotors, ETC...
  • Rear subframe... suspension, drums, diff, axles, hubs, ETC...
  • EJ22 long block, low compression in one hole, been sitting outside in the rain for a minute
  • Brake booster, master cylinder
  • Stock steelies with snows
  • Pretty sweet OEM rear spoiler

95' Impreza "L" FWD 1.8:

  • Entire dashboard, cluster, beam, switches, trim, ETC
  • Good driver's door & panel
  • Bad passenger door (glass/panel is OK)
  • Decent fenders
  • Front bumper & beam...meh
  • Rear bumper = win
  • Stock exhaust manifold & exhaust
  • Fuel tank
  • Every harness, fuse box, relay to make your own Impreza at home
  • Bunch of interior panels, gray... 135K miles
  • Seatbelts, ETC
  • Steering column & wheel
  • Windshield cowl panel & wiper linkage
  • More stock corner lamps than I have Imprezas (??)
  • Ultra collectable 1.8 fwd clutch/flywheel combo (!)
  • Good drivers tail lamp
  • Cracked pass. tail lamp that I've made a habit of pissing in whenever I stepped outside the garage to take a leak...I'll keep it.
00' Impreza STi Version 6 TYPE R !!! :

  • Firewall cut, stripped clean...but it's JDM tite :lol:
  • And if you've read this far, DCCD 5 speed close ratio trans, 85,000 km... TY754VB1CA (The good one) $1600...baller money, I know :cool:
Come with offers...the operative word being "Come". I'd rather not ship this crap out. I'm short on time as it is. Everything is located in Newburg, MD. If you're wondering where that is, I'll save ya a Google search...just outside of DC. ;)

If you're trying to play along at home but are lost... I stripped the 98' down to a bare shell to rebuild the 95' for the wife. 98' interior, ETC. The bare 98' shell got EVERYTHING from my 00' STi. So, with that knowledge, you can probably figure out what I've got laying about. Most is probably going to the dump, I get it. But I figured I would offer it here first.



...Lower it
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Wingless trunk? i want it asap if you still have it!
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