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Tombstone Rallysprint april 6

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There is a rally-x at tombstone paint ball this weekend, April 6.

You should all come out, if you don't want to drive atleast come out to watch.

Tombstone is off the 91 fwy and serfas club dr.

You can get direction at

More info here
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I thought the rally-x was on that Sunday from the previous thread mentioning it? I was planning on checking out the auto-x at the Q on saturday then the rally-x on sunday.. do I need to reverse that?
Yes you do! I just checked and my computer says that the 6th is saturday, and you know that computers are alway right.:confused:
6th = Sat = Rally-X
7th = Sun = Auto-X @ Q ... cum watch me kick ass!

It's not a Rally-X, it's a Rally Sprint.

It's run on the Big Track and only fully-prepped Rally Cars with a Roll-Cage can enter in it.

I will be there to watch though. :p
ok sir...
then what is the difference between x and sprint?
Oooooohh! Not too far from now! I'm already there! :D
They might have the other track open for runs. the last time I was there and they were running the big track they also had the parking lot one open also. You might want to check with Leon.
HotImprezaChick said:
6th = Sat = Rally-X
7th = Sun = Auto-X @ Q ... cum watch me kick ass!
I'll be there. HIC: Is there someplace we can all meet up at the Q?
you can't miss the 'subie section' at the Q we usually get like 30+ subies there. Mine is the only white L around
I think there will be alot of BUMPS on the rally sprint track
Bumps??? ... AND dirt?? oh my!!

Hey so are any of you gonna run yourself or just watch?
I want to run it with either one of my cars, but being a CRS race they might have to pass a pretty hard tech inspection. If anyone knows anymore about this please speak up.
Sean... you should let me drive your other car!
If I can get it towed out there I will let any of you drive it.
Ok if the Rally-X is this Saturday which is the 6th of April so at what time does it start? if you know the time can we orginize a meet so we can drive on a caravan for those of us who would like to attend...

Frakk, you are just way too organized :biggest:
What makes you say that?:biggest: I don't even know what time the actual events starts...does anyone know?
I just e-mailed someone off the CRS web sight I will post the info when I hear back from him.
I may show up for a bit and hang with you guys, pending I finish with my patients for my test. Yea, what TIME does this rally sprint run??

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