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to XT or not to XT

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I recently found a Subby 1987 XT AWD for $225.00

Said that it runs but overheats. Anyone have any opinions about this car. If I get it I will probably turn it into a rally car.

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It's worth that much for parts. Buy it.
wish i could find a cheap fun to drive car like that around here

It didn't start. It turned out to be a XT 4x4 turbo.

I thought of buying it but it had over 200k miles on it.

Talked to a friend of mine who is a dealer and he said that it was better to walk away and find another one.

Oh well...

The search goes on.

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What state is it in? I'd buy it. Doesn't start. That's an easy fix. Either no gas, no compression (okay, that's a bit much) or no spark. Chances are no gas or spark. Buy it for me and I'll come get it. :lol:
OK so you guys think that it's worth it huh?

Here is what I am thinking.

200k miles on the engine and drivetrain.

So pretty soon I will need to replace the timing belt, the drivetrain may be shot as well

The overheat problem could be thermostat or bad head gasket or at worst a cracked head. Water pump could also be contributing to the problem but I don't know since I have yet to start it.

I called around and a used1.8l turbo engine w/o turbo is 650.00 plus tax. I don't want to think how much the drivetrain will cost.

I guess what I am trying to ask is if I get this beast for 200 bucks (yep the guy lowered the price) will I be getting into something that is a huge project?

I have pretty decent automotive skills. I have never taken an engine apart but I have helped my brother do a rear disc swap and change his clutch so I know my way around a Chilton's manual.

How hard and EXPENSIVE is it to work on the Subby 1.8L engine?

On the other hand I found a 1986 XT 2WD that needs engine work for 100.00. Not sure of the mileage These are RWD cars right? Maybe I could by both and make a FRANKEN-CAR.:D

Well give me your thoughts. Anyone have experience in working on the XTs?

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Its worth it, like others have said, its worth that much in parts alone.
Man, GO FOR IT. This is the car to learn on. Tear that engine apart - although you may need to resurface the heads (what, $200?) it's so worth it. Think of how much fun you could have.

My personal plan is to get a shit Impreza, and then pull the 1.8 (or whatever) and drop in either a 2.5L or 3.0L H6 and turn the car into a monster. But a cheap shell is needed...

Seriously, how do you think you learn anything? It's a great opportunity. Wish I were in your shoes, I would have bought it already. $200! :lol: Yeah, go for it!
Well thanks for the input.

I actually found another XT a lot closer to me than the other one.

I haven't taken a look at it yet, the guy on the phone said that it is automatic w/2WD. It doesn't run. Has 110k on the odo.

He only wants 100 obo.

Going to see it tonight.

Talked to the dude Saturday.

It's a XT-4 non turbo FWD. It's Navy Blue. There is some minor scratches on the passanger side where it brushed up against something. Engine bay is clean, no rust or signs of a blown head gasket.

I talked the guy down to 60 bucks. I have a buddy who is going with me today to tow it back to my place.

I have a place all ready for it in my garage.

I figure of 60 bucks I just bought me a cadaver that I can pick apart. Great way to learn about the Boxer engine.

I will take pics and try to get them posted.

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Turn it into this...


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WOW :eek: :checkit: :drool:

If I can make it run the way it looks this is what the WRXer's will do when I blow then away...
:yikes: :whine:

And we old Skool peeps will just
:biggest: :roflmao:

Called bank....
"Hi, i'd like to appky for a loan"
"How much do you need"
"Enough to make a 94hp XT beat a 200+HP WRX"

Where there is a dream there is a way
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Where are you located?

Dale Teague in Asheville, NC ( could swap an EJ22 drivetrain into it for you... use Kent's supercharger kit on that and modify the head a bit for high revs and you'll have a 200+hp high rpm banshee for well under 10k total investment including cosmetics and body work. The EJ22s are much less prone to detonation than the EJ25... something about flame travel I forget. You could probably see the hot side of 300hp if you really got crazy with tuning and mods, but that costs $$.

I considered a buildup like this at one point...

All the responses are out of order due to a server screwup, the original post is quite a ways down.

I'm still convinced this could be done COMPLETE for under 10k with a decent shell.

Good luck!
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Also, check out the Yahoo XT6 List...

Yes, that is an XT/Alcyone in a powerslide.


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Go ahead and weep... a rally XT in Alitalia livery... a Stratos look-alike?


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Here's a spy pic of Prodrive's original rally prototype for Subaru... they switched to the Legacy chassis shortly thereafter but supposedly this was slated for competition.


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Here's another shot of the same prototype, possibly from a press meeting.


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Somebody got artistic with the same blue photoshop I posted above.... nice though.


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