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Well, igotta set of Borlas used.Also wrapped.
Anyway,IMHO it ups the top end a good bit,you lose a tad on the bottom.But as others have said the sound is incredible,with my Stromung cat back,Random tech cat combo it sounds like a small block.Sorta loud though,,i may get a small resonator fr the midpipe.If youve got a MY00 or 01 expect a check engine lite.
Borla has fixed the cracking issue i believe(about time).
Anyway,i got mine used (1 mo),the price was right.But fr $500 or better,im not sure .Ive seen and heard the Brullen header back combo,,nice stuff,medium sound level,no check engine lite.Price is right fr the whole header back system.
But Borlas sure got em beat on the sound quality in my opinion.
But yeah go fr it if ya like top end.
I guess that answers nothing:confused: ;)
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