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To Debage or not to....

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Well... in the course of a month and 1/2 or so I've gradually debadged my car. First the 2.5RS emblem, then the stickers, and no I'm up to the SUBARU....Should I do it? Show me some pictures. :)
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I did it but don't have any pics. I glad i did it. don't have to worry about q-tippin' all the wax off of 'em anymore. I think it gives it a cleaner look.

Here are some alternative spots for your RS badge. I actually never put it in these places we were just killing time.
I debadged my TS, and I think it looks damn sexy. given, its a different arse than the GC8. I recently drove in a caravan to a rally in VT and spent some time behind a debadged GC8. I like it. I like it a lot. I'd say go for it. If you miss the subaru logo, wait till your car gets real dirty and draw it in the dirt with your finger. Right now I have a WRX STi according to the dirt on the back of my car :happynow:
I like my badging, I want everyone to know that it is a Subaru instead of a Honduh that stole the wing or something. I am proud to show off my car and I'm proud to show that it's Subaru!

Nick C.
Mhhh... debadged and v5/6 wing....that's it I'm debadging tomorrow....
Thank you for helping.... now I need a v5/6 wing to complete the exterior(err well a new suspension would be nice too)....
ahh damn it... i went out to my car about an hour ago to start taking off the SUBARU, but i couldn't do it :( maybe when i put my red/clear tails on i'll do it :(
De-badging is totally cool w/ me. I like the cleaner look, but I'd suggest keeping the AWD stickers. If some moronic tow truck guy tows your car improperly, you might have problems if/when you go after him for gross negligence charges since there was nothing there to let him know it's an AWD car.
the only thing i took off was the s-u-b-a-r-u and it looks way better even though i dont have red/clear tails....haha just makes the trunk a lil bit easier to wax too if u ask me...super clean


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I left all my badges on there. I want everyone that loses to know it was a Subaru that did it.
Hmm... well I think Im gonna wait till I put on my Red/Clears then I'll figure out if I want to take off the SUBARU or not... If I do, the AWD is going w/ it. Don't worry though, I'm gonna get a AWD sticker from a new-age WRX.
You couuld get IMPREZA letters, they look sweet or you could go URABUS, i use to have URABUS but now i have IMPREZA letters


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I am thinking about taking the Subaru off the trunk... what would be the best way to go about that?
fishing line or dental floss.....i used fishing line and it worked with no effort at all!
I wanna see a new SAAB based on the WRX wagon platform...

With SUBARU letters arranged to say "SAABARU"

If I had the cash, I'd be driving one right now... :rolleyes:

Other than buying a "GM" (GM owns SAAB ,now),

Those new Saab's are the Shiizzy!!
I can't see you stil have the subaru badging on the back of your car. It loks so sweet in the pics. you have to do it man. It makes the back end look so much better. I was like you at first. But now that I done it I love it so much. IThey should live the factory like this. It just look so clean. You must do it;s like crack. you do it one time and you are hooked.
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