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titanium pistons

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I heard that the Lancer EVO7 has titanium pistons.... how do they make these...? god... i'd love to put some on my EJ22T hehehe
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Interesting concept. However, Titanium has a pretty low flash point as it not as light as aluminum so I would be hesitant. Get a good set of aluminum slugs and you will be fine. Not to mention the Ti slugs probably cost about $5,000 or so.

flash point...? what tis this...?

also you know how they make them? forge? cast? press? i have no idea
Ti would prolly end up being forged...just get a good set of Forged Alumniums and you'll be fine...i can't see how you could use Ti as a piston. But hell they have done things i never thought they coul dwith cars.
I bet they were talking titanium rods. These are available for your projects, get out the big bucks. less recriprocating mass? knife edged crank? drool!
wow that repcirocating mass at it's least...that's great...but the rod set will rpolly run you like 3g's
well i think i have the video of the EVO 7 where the engineer is explaining why and how they used Ti as internals.... mmmm maybw i should go get a smoked evo7 block hheheh i beleiev they were both rods adn pistons... pretty kick ass...:biggest:
We've used Ti Rods before (About $5,000 a set). Honestly, anything more (and even just Ti rods) is overkill in a street engine.

If you want less reciprocating mass, get a lightweight flywheel. ANything lighter than that and the car will not be very drivable because of how quickly the rpm's will die between shifts.

I'm dreaming... don't mind me,,, Ti pistons!!!!!! what did you use them in.... i was just like... dreaming... yunno.. like seam welding my gc8 and getting forged aluminium everything... hehe
actually been doing some research.. peaco will do titanium rods for 750 each... mmm:drool:
$750x4=3g's for fuggin rods!! not a DAMN chance.
hehehe those were for honda rods too....
oh sheeot...make that x8 for subarus(EJ20's) and x10 for EJ25's...hehe
So Do Aluminum. That's why they come .010 undersized. Just give em a breakin period.

heheh whatever i stick into my boosted block will stretch how i beat on it...
Off Topic-hey eric i might be building a small block for a friend do you have a good line on parts??

On Topic-i plan on putting together a block to handle to boost and be daily driven so i will run billet chromoly rods if they are available.
Hndatch627 said:
Off Topic-hey eric i might be building a small block for a friend do you have a good line on parts??

I have the best line on any parts you want, especially small block chevy. Remember, that what I do. :) I like your sig. hehe

cool, i'll have to get a list together and see what we can work out.

oh hey have you tried to see if you can get crower rods for the 2.5's?? I know they are the ones who make em.
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