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Tire Size?

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I plan to run the Falken's Axenis this my first season in GS. Should I get the same size as stock or what would be better?

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I say go with the 205/55-16s.... they are cheaper and more available than the 215/45-16s.

Most people with WRX's claim the 215s are better for their gearing, many people with RS's (like me) are perfectly happy with the 205s...

I read along time ago that Impreza's don't really need anything bigger than a 205. I can vouch that it'll be quicker in transitioning with a 205 than a 225. But then again, when a 225 has full just hangs on when a 205 will eventually let loose.

If your typical courses see you running near the top of 2nd gear, stay away from a shorter tire that will have you bouncing off the limiter. If the courses are usually tight and short, then you'll want the smaller tire for transitional quickness and acceleration advantages.
-Thanks you all! :sunny:
i am running 215 with my RS... but most of the events I attent have very little staight...
Well all Falken is sold out of the Axenis in the U.S. Nada, not one tire. I think the REX's took them all :rolleyes: They was the next best thing to R-Compounds, I'm just going to have to get some R-Compounds.
how long does it take for a shipment to come in? I'm sure it doesn't take that long, if they are in high demand, they will make more fast!
all the tire shops I went to don't carry them. took two days to get the tires... no extra charge or anything... BTW, it was American Tire Co.
Well I first tried Discout <aka American> then a local guy who called his Falken rep and said they was out. But I just bought some of the new Kuhmo R-comp tires in 205/45 r16. Muhahaha!:devil:
Hey wizard, let me know how well that size works...that's the same is I'm looking to get for my race rubber.
I ordered them Tuesday from Tire Rack with heat cycle, so hopefully I can get them mounted and ready for a meet Sunday. I'll keep ya posted.

Darn SCCA Solo, racing got me wanting to mod my car. Struts and Catback coming.
I am new to autox as well as this group. I was planning on running these. They are yokohama advan's 205/55/16


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Well i didn't my tires mounted yet. Seems my tire center hasn't had much experience with these and estimated 2 hrs per tire.

-imprrezzakc yeah aren't those the A032R's , my friend likes them. Likely better with steet and wet conditions than the Kumho.
Tire size

Yeah the are AO32 R's. I can't believe you tire shop estimated two hours.....I got mine in 20 min....
Guess they confused them with some other type. Went in and took less than an hour, wee now I may go to the Louisville meet this weekend!
Impreza Rider said:
Hey wizard, let me know how well that size works...that's the same is I'm looking to get for my race rubber.
They worked well enough to take 1st in GS! :sunny: Actually i think i like the smaller tire. It was bit tricky course and i stayed in 2nd thru out with out bumping the rev limiter.
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