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just thought I would share my opinion on the latest addition to the Nokian lineup.

Nokian is a Finnish tire company known for its winter tires. I have had their Hakka series winters on my volvo, then the civic, and felt them to be the safest tire to roll with in snowy vermont. however, I did not like the road noise too much when the roads were ploughed, so this year (with my stock RS tires almost bald) I decided to invest in some Nokian WR All-Season performance rubber.

First off, they are the ONLY all-season tire to have the (and im just pulling a name out of my ass here) "harsh winter" stamp of approval on them, you know, the outline of a mountain with a snowflake superimposed over it. That means they will perform in all climates of ice and snow just like full blown snows, yet retain performance in dry conditions too. This is clutch in a place with such drastically different seasons as New England. They are H-rated, meaning they can be driven up to 130+mph, not that I need to go that fast, but its nice to know :) Anyway, let me just say that these tires are freakin AWESOME!!! I drive with packed snow on the backroads just as confidently as I would on dry pave, I can stomp on the brakes at 50mph, and the wheels dont lock up till i just slow to 5mph, when i come to a juddering halt. so if you are intellegent with your winter driving, you will be in good hands.

unfortunatly, these tires arent exactly cheap... $655 for all four mounted on my '00 six-spokes. still, like they say, if you have a ten dollar head, get a ten dollar helmet. Ive been lucky enough to avoid getting in any kind of collision (knock on wood) in both winter and summer, and I want to know that should an obstacle suddenly appear through the blizzard, I will be able to either avoid it deftly or stop altogether.

-handling is awesome in snow & ice, even better on pave.
-performance rated for all seasons
-attractive, aggressive tread pattern
-low road noise
-you dont *have* to change tires for seasons (although with the high sticker price, I would reccomend it)
-absolute confidence on the road when combined with AWD

-steep sticker price
-hard-ish to find in the states
-sometimes you just wanna slide, and these tires are super grippy, making it difficult at times. but hey, in a winter tire, how could this be a negative?

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I spent $400 to get my snows installed. Just couldn't convince myself to go for the extra $250. But if I ever get my Summer wheels sold, I might make the dive and run the WRs year-round.

Thanks for the solid review!

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ive had these tires since september, and i cant compare to any other snow/all season. it is exactly wat i need. this entire winter i commuted back and forth between kamloops and vancouver almost every other weekend, driving on the infamous coquihalla highway. only one close call, but no accident. the BEST setup for winter is my subie and those tires. i work at 2 different ski resorts part time and i just rip up the mountains every time. i was even able to do a tow-in snowboard gap going 85 km/h and stopped in time before running into myself!!! after seeing over 40 flipped/stuck/crashed cars on that highway, makes me appreciate these tires and my AWD ALOT. on packed snow it feels like im driving on pavement or gravel, barely any slippage.

amazing tires, PERIOD.

the ONLY downside, in terms of dry pavement performance, they are pretty gummy. but this just makes them more comfortable and grippier on snow.
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