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Tire concerns with suspension

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I have the VER5 dampers and springs on my 99 RS. I want to run the Falken Azenis in STS this year to replace my shot Kumho 712's. I keep hearing the Azenis run an inch wider than advertised, will they clear my suspension in stock size on the OEM wheels? I dont want to buy 2 sets and not be able to run them....damn super duty inverted dampers....but I love them too...

Help! I need tires soon....3 weeks till autocross...and I dont want to run on my snow tires.
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and I dont want to run on my snow tires.
but think of the drift potential :D

anyway, i don't think you'll have a problem but i'm not sure. i know frecks is planning on running 225/50/16 kumhos (granted he's all stock) but once again, i'm not positive that it won't rub. try calling [email protected] or something to see if they have test fitted anything. i imagine though that 205s will fit no problem, esp. on the stock rims.
Keep meposted, will ya, because I am about to do the same thing. 225's on stock rims... and I don't want any rubbing! :D
guys Im running 205/55/16
btw, Discount tire is now OUT of Azenis in this size, I got the LAST set, they wont have ANY till April now...
Vulcan Tire still has some.
james-our first auto-x is the 17th. i imagine that the guy running the 225/50s will be there so i'll be able to tell you for sure whether they rub or no.
Dunlops seem to run a little wider than some, and the 225/50 on stock wheels didn't fit with the stock suspension. (read: didn't FIT. a little rubbing would have been an improvement...)

Oh, that's the sport 5000.

good luck
10th - yeah, I wanna know. I really want something wider on my car, and I'm not afraid to cut my strut housing to make it fit!
they should work...a rs ran em here in sts with no problems.
I heard there's a ~3-4 week backorder for falken azenis' in 205 55 16 and I also heard no to order from victoria tire, b/c they're lying about them being in stock, invoicing you, then no tires for 3-4 weeks.

I know a guy who runs azenis' on stock rims, but he has the kyb's with ver 5 springs. No rubbing that I'm aware of on that setup, inverted struts is another story though. I don't think the azenis' are a whole inch wider though. you're probably safe.
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