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I know that there isn't really anything you can do to increase the hp in your intake manafold. But I was wondering if anyone knew the side effects of custom 100mm throttle body that is attached to a spacer that funnels the air into to stock width to incearse the speed of the incoming air.

The spacer would increase to hp by keeping the air cooler as it comes in. Also some aluminum spacers at the manifold would heelp to I think. Maybe by flaring the block out and making the spacer holes larger could help too.

If you have any thoughts about this let me know. I plan to find a couple of used intake manifolds and start experamenting. I think the best hp increase would be to drill a hole in the air box where the distibuter caps is on the top of the manifold (on a 99 rs) and have the air derectly go in there. I don't know. Just day dreaming.


e-mail me at [email protected] if you want to ask me somthin, want some pics, whatever.

Cobb tuning has done extensive n/a testing. Trey Cobb tells me the the cylinder heads are the most restrictive part of the engine. The throttle body will not help unless other extensive engine internal mods have already been done.

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