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Facebook Event Page:
9th Annual "Mid-Atlantic: Fall Meet & Greet"

Wellsboro, PA is the "official" location for all Mid-Atlantic Fall Meet & Greet events.

Leonard Harrison State Park which is a part of the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon will be the official destination. The chosen date will be September 24th.

In the past we have put together a small caravan from Williamsport up Route 15 North for those who are unsure how to get there. We will be meeting just off the Maynard Street exit of I-180 at the back parking lot of Burger King ( The caravan will be leaving promptly at 9:30am. You are welcome to PM me for my cell number to get ahold of me that day.

Event flyers are created and if anyone would like a flyer to post up at their local auto parts store or Subaru dealership, please PM me with your email and I'll get the file to ya.

Special club parking has officially been approved for our event at the state park. I use the word "special" because this was not an easy task to achieve. There was quite a bit behind the scenes effort involved to come to this agreement.

Guidelines for Meet and Greet as set by DCNR

· Cars must stay within the agreed parking area.

· Cars must not be parked in the roadway or block the roadway because that road is emergency access to the overlook and emergency staging area for emergency vehicles.

· Be cautious of the landscape and do your best not to leave any ruts in the grass.

· Your group will have access to the grills and picnic tables that are in the immediate area. These are first come first serve though.

Parking at the TOPS Supermarket in Wellsboro...
Dave Moore spoke with Ed Brion from the management team and he indicated that:

  • if the car count was somewhere in the 20-30 range,
  • if everyone parks in the farthest spots from the store,
  • if no one blocks ANY of the travel lanes,
  • if we are only there for 10-20 minutes,
  • THEN feel free to park in the front lot.

As for lunch, I'd like to start a list of who is able/willing to bring what and keep the updated list going through each post. Add your screen name & actual name along with what you'll be contributing (food, drink, plates, utensils, grill, etc.). This way we will have a running tally of who is coming and what is being brought. Please, if you add yourself to the list and cannot come, notify me as soon as you can so I can take you off the list.

Also, I cannot stress this enough:

The ONLY standing rule for the entire day:
We've had no trouble with the police in the past and I'd personally like to keep it that way. If you choose to race along the highway and act like a complete idiot, just stay home and don't ruin this event for everyone else. no time are you permitted to take off and race around the back roads attempting to be a "rally driver". DCNR does patrol the state forest and has full rights as police officers. They will pull you over and cite you for your actions!

Remember, we are representing Dirty Impreza AND the Subaru community as a whole. We don't need to be looked down upon because of a select few.


M&G Contest! Longest distance traveled to the event...
Here's how it will work:
- Private message me your home address prior to the event.
- I will enter everyone's info into Google Maps and set the route destination as the Leonard Harrison State Park and note the mileage given.
- The winner will be announced at the M&G, BUT... you must be present AND show me your driver's license to confirm it matches the address you gave.
The award is a secret!


Please copy and paste this list into your thread reply if you would like to bring something for the group lunch
**If multiple people are bringing soda, chips, hot dogs, etc., please try to bring something else so that we don't have an overabundance of one food. Thank you**

Lunch Contribution List:
1. Jason (dropdfocus) - grill, charcoal, fold up table
2. Robyn (hawkgirl) - plates/forks/spoons/cups
3. Rich (97ScoobyL) - hot dogs
4. Tom (Calicak89) - beverages (water/soda)
5. Greg (GregMitz) - tea & lemonade
6. Jason (Pathtoyorsoul) - corn casserole
7. Chad (CJZeppy) - burgers & buns
8. Roger - bags of ice
9. Christian - cooler full of drinks
10. Harry - appetizer
11. Mason - condiments & cheese
12. Tim - potato chips & dip
13. Nic - potato chips
14. John - desert
15. Ryan - desert

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Entries for the "Longest distance traveled to the event" contest must be submitted no later than Friday at 5pm. Only your Zip Code is necessary and must match your driver's license.

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Thank you to everyone who showed up to the M&G!!! We had absolutely FANTASTIC weather and the turn-out was very good too! I'm so glad to see more and more people showing up with their family. This community isn't just about the individual, but everyone that is a part of it in some way.

We didn't have enough entries for the Longest Distance Traveled contest to make it worth while. Perhaps next year we'll have more participants.
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