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This site ROCKS !

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I am so glad that some one finally designed a site dedicated to the 2.5 RS. I remember when I club use to be only RS. Now it has been infested by the WRX.

I found my new home:D
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I will still use I-club but it is nice to have a refuge from the New Skoolers. It's changed so much there. It was much better before everything went WRX. Don't get me wrong, it's a great car, (not so pretty...:barf: ) but I will bet you anything I know more about a WRX than most of them know about the RS. They need to get some respect for the car that lead to their car being made! :biggest: Then things won't always look like this...:boxer:

My biggest gripe, is that it has become a WRX enthusiast site, not a Subaru/Impreza enthusiast site. I just grew tired of all the teenie bop Rex drivers jumping on their high horses trying to tell me something they know nothing about.
I totally agree with both of you. It seems that now when you visit i-club to find info on a RS. You have to sift through the info and try to figure out if they are talking about the RS or WRX.

I have nothing against the WRX crowd. It just seems that most WRX owners seem to forget where it all started
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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