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This is what I want…..

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Do they make reverse indiglos like the one pictured below for GC8’s? I always wanted my likes to look like this since it will match my head unit. A while back a guy was selling a kit to do this but I think you had to sand the back of the gauge cluster and repaint it, a little to much for me to mess up I think.

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They have a set @ In my opinion, the stock gauges are fine, but I'd really want the needles to be hot blue. Now that's what I'm talking...:rolleyes:
so they do! I didnt know that i only thought they had the 6 color ones. Thanks

I saw a blue needle kit on eBay yesterday.... I'll work on getting the url.

That's the url for the needles kit...I think it's a universal kit but Im not sure.
I saw that one also. It says it's for the WRX, but I don't know either. There was a lot of bidders on it, and I'm saving for speed products at the moment. Thanks anyways. I usually go check ebay for impreza items, but not too much new things come up. It's the same ol same ol. :(
Yea, I've been on there a lot too because I screwed my front grille badge up, so I was looking for a new one. I actually found an STi pink 'i' for $15.
are you sure its an sti badge or badge mod'd
kickin_81 said:
That's not nearly as nice as the ones for the WRX though. I'm happy with my 6 color ones.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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