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Thinking of this custom turbo kitish

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I have been talking to hndatch( :barf: ) everyonce and awhile about ways I can go with turbos and ( :stupid: )what not. I would love your input on these parts...what to watch for ect...btw: I am a 02rs automatic

MY02WRX turbo
MY02WRX intercooler
RX7 injectors (440s) {I am on a [email protected] discount}
J&S knock prevention unit of somesort
These are just the few parts that I would love your input on. I want to know if anyone has used the wrx turbo in there rs and what they thought. I know the top end won't be there as much but my goal is a 14 flat sec car...thats it. I was reading about how the wrx intercooler won't fit into gc6(8) but I think it should fit in my GDA because well, the 02wrx & 02rs are well the same in engine bay size. What are your thoughts?

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I would say go for it Neal, if you think it can work. I would like to see a WRX conversion to an 02' RS. AFAIK no one has done it yet. I think the WRX turbo would be too small, but on the contrary you would probably get boost very soon. I imagine this would be similar to the Legacy turbo setup that some guys (and soon myself) run on their RS's. As far as the intercooler working, it probably will. If guys can stuff them into their GC8's with quite a bit of custom work (63Alpine on i-club), then I imagine the REX intercooler should fit fine, though do not quote me on that because I haven't seen it done. I do know that the EJ20 engine sits farther forward than the EJ25, but im not sure if they carried this over into the new body style Scoobie's. This would be a fun project and I *think it could be done for relatively cheap, considering the plethora of used WRX turbo parts for sale. Good luck.


Oh, and definetly run that J&S.
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ok, thanks. Well one more question...I can't find any wrx turbos or intercooler for sale on [email protected]# Where else could I look?

any more opinions?
As the matter of fact, there is a stock WRX intercooler for sale on i-club right now, and some guy just sold his intercooler yesterday!Just go there more often and check it out, or post in the 'Wanted' classifieds.

WRX intercooler will not fit without hammering the firewall and the IC.

You'll need a pre97 IC or a custom one.
Neal - I don't think that turbo will be big enough for your 2.5 unless you want to run very low boost (like I'm running currently... err... kinda currently).
Nick, I am serously not thinking of making the step yet to high boost...I wanna learn the car and start small. Not dive into a huge application of engine management, boost and gulping of fuel. I was thinking of 5-7 psi and build from there...once I have exausted this turbo..move on up....I must take baby steps so I don't blow to much of my car up.:flame:
you might find this tiresome... depending on how small/big your baby steps are... because you will have upgrade headaches like simple things to complicated things.... though you think you just want to upgrade a single part you'll find 9 x's out of 10 that others parts will need to be upgraded with... turbo for example... when you upgrade... which turbo will you go with? then do the flanges match your pipes? how about oil and water lines... wastegate? size? position..? headache...
The reason the WRX intercooler does not fit is the intake manifold, not the engine bay. You can use a Saab intercooler, they only cost around $80.
Doctornick said:
I was thinking of 5-7 psi and build from there...
I said hi boost, you said no then started talking about high boost. :lol: I'm talking LOW boost, like 2-3psi. Trust me, it makes a MASSIVE difference. I'll letcha ride in mine when I get it back together (early Feb? Maybe?) at 2-3psi and you'll see. :)
Hahaha, so hi boost is what? heh heh. and yes I am going to try the wrx intercooler once I buy it from the guy. Then well will all have photoproof. Also if not that Igot a ralliespc intercooler to use :D
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