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which color?

  • leave them alone.

    Votes: 15 15.3%
  • gunmetal.

    Votes: 34 34.7%
  • black.

    Votes: 13 13.3%
  • bronze.

    Votes: 9 9.2%
  • gold.

    Votes: 27 27.6%

thinking of powdercoating my rims...come vote! it'll be fun!

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well, i can't GUARANTEE it'll be fun...but oh well. sucka. :curse: :D

i was thinking of powdercoating my rims black the other day, since the 4 pots are DUST factories, and there's no way to clean the rims easily without damaging the finish on the calipers (even mild wheel cleaner doesn't agree with them)...anyways, i started with black, and then kept going in wihout any further adieu, here's stock:


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bronze...didn't think this or gold would look good, but i stand corrected...


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and last but not least, gold...


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IMO, I'd choose (in order): Gold / White / Leave alone. Somehow, I have always liked white rims. It gives the athletic look. I guess I have this sense to compare cars to humans; the rims being the sneakers, the spoiler being the butt, lowering the car being a shorter person, and so on. Enough of how nuts you guys think I am, paint them what you want. It's for your taste.
well, it is a subaru so i said gold. however, i'm going to have to agree with mr. kickin. white would look very nice with the aquaish body color.
Gun Metal & Gold are my top choices.
I vote bronze or silver! White would look pimp too. :)
Leave 'em alone, I think any other color would look "not good" on your car.
nah, i'm not a big fan of white rims, unless they're DTM style rims. besides, it would look silly on my car (IMO)...and i'm trying to make things LESS of a headache to keep clean. ;) gold is a tad too flashy...on a WR blue, BRP, or black car, it's a different story...i just threw it up there because i was having too much photoshop fun, and it didn't look as gross as i originally thought.

gunmetal is pretty much what the fronts look like now, since i haven't cleaned them in weeks. :lol:

so now i'm debating between black, bronze, and gunmetal. i've decided to keep my project 'sans bodywork' to maintain the sleeper factor, so this is the only major appearance mod i'm making. and now that it's all hunkered down with it's new suspension, the L bodywork doesn't look so bad anymore. the front end doesn't have that "happy" look now that the bottom of the bumper isn't sitting a foot off the ground. :)
Go with gun metal, I went with black chrome
I would have to say White would be the best. I am thinking of having my rims done white. But then again my car is white. Just my $.02
I didn't vote but I like the gumetal the best. Unless you go with a really polished black with polished lip.
gold looks good on any suby.
Gunmetal or leave it alone!

I don't really like the gold rims on any colored impreza, but if I had to pick one color it would be the Rally Blue. Otherwise I say go for a silver or Gunmetal color. Not only can they look really nice, but they never really look bad (unless of course they are those stupid chrome rims :barf: , which by the way ALWAYS look bad :barf: and are the pride and joy of every stupid SUV and large vehicle known to man)

So, I say Gunmetal or silver or something like that...
photoshop a pic of my car

hey raceriot, how would you like to use photoshop to color my wheels? i dont have photoshop. im looking at painting or powdercoating my wheels but have a different color car and different wheels.
I'm going to have to say gunmetal or black. Both would help solve your problem more than any color I see up there so I think there your best bet + they look pretty good on your car. I've seen those rims painted in gunmetal and to say the least they looked damn good. I'm considering getting my rims powdercoated, but mine are the six spoke.
go for it!

as you can see i whole heartedly believe in it:D


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black is cool
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