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Bought this on a hype of huge power gains but I can't drive a subie without the signature symphony. It's just not right. It definitely delivers & we saw good gains with a little tweaking of the fuel and timing on the same boost level. Wasn't really worth it to me because I can barely put the power I have to the ground so, it's up for sale. I think I'll invest in wider wheels and tires and suspension first. So my loss is your gain, has a few street & Dyno miles and was taken off the same day. Subie drumroll prevails :)
This one doesn't require an sti oil pan so fits Wrx with 2.0 too. This one is the "W" style not the "Y" style that requires use of a sti pan. It goes around the filter on the outside close to the head instead of the inside close to the pan.
$400 + shipping

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