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Hello guys, been following several people on here as I was swapping my 2001 Impreza 2.5rs. the swap was with a 2003 WRX harness merge and engine.
I followed braydon's swap guide on the harness merge as reference.

I'm having two issues.

-no check engine light illumination when there is a code. Doesn't light up when the key first turns on, and no backlighting when the headlights are on as well as no backlight on the OEM radio when headlights are on. (The radio has power and works. The green clock light shuts off completely when the headlights are on) also the headlight bright illimation symbol glows ever so lightly when the headlights are on.

Second issue is cylinders 2 and 4 both misfire but only 2 and 4.

I feel like these issues may be related here. Anyone know wiring enough to have an idea why the lights won't work properly?
I was thinking a grounding issues or possibly a incorrectly merged wire.

The car starts and runs, but runs kinda rough and rich. Only two engine codes come up on the accesport for cylinders 2 and 4 missfire.

Ej20 with turbo swap. Tgv delete. Stock manifold. 1000cc blue injectors.
If you guys need more info let me know!

I really appreciate you're time and honestly this swap has been a blast. Need to Finnish up these loose ends and it should come to life once again;!
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