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95 disco potato obs
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recently traded my vip q45 for a '95 obs gf8.

-Fresh Brown/grey metallic paintjob with receipt
-JDM oem taillights
-JDM oem clear sidemarkers
-Full jdm version 2 STi frontend
front bumper, signals, sidemarkers, fenders, fogs, grill, emblem, glass headlights, lightweight aluminum hood, hoodscoop/splitter/vents, bumper support. The only thing that isn't jdm is the corners. All genuine Subaru parts.
-really clean exterior.
-JDM rear lightweight bumper support.
-Oem subaru roof rack in great condition or if ou
-Very cleanly rolled rear fenders, no pulling involved. slightly shaved front fenders also very cleanly done.

-Sti EJ20G Swapped/Rebuilt/Built with paperwork/receipt from Apollo Performance. JDM cluster reads 48xxx kilometers and the engine was rebuilt at 40xxx kilometers which is about 5k miles.
-Tuned at Churches with papers/receipt. Got it safe tuned to 200HP to the wheels at 7 PSI and rev limited to 5500 rpms
-Link Engine management standalone with controller, and pc link.
-forged JE pistons
-arp headstuds
-new sti rods
-Cosworth headgasket
-ACL race bearings
-Valvework/valvejob with new parts
-fully resurfaced heads/cleaned
-New closed deck block
-new oem gaskets all around
-polished crank
-new oil pump
-new water pump
-new timing belt
-New Map sensor
-new ignition coil packs
-New 20G TD05 turbo
-New sensors/pcv/ventilation
-New NGK BKR7E ix Iridium sparkplugs
-Greddy magnetic oil pan drain plug
-full JDM STi wiring harness
-Everything under the hood is oem, very clean and sleeper like except for the ARC Air intake box
-Redline Synthetic
-new Walbro 255 fuel pump
-Wiring job redone recut/soldered and etc to look very clean/ oem.
-and etc
- 3 Inch downpipe, 3 inch full exhaust dual tip, looks really clean and stock but sounds aggressive. No raspy crap.

all from 2004 WRX
-WRX Transmission w/Motul Gear 300
-WRX rear differential w/Motul Gear 300
-WRX driveshaft
-Rear disk brakes
-Turbo Crossmember
-ACT Stage 2 clutch with ACT lightweight flywheel

Interior: Clean.
- Sti Version 2 Nardi steering wheel
-JDM Sti Version 2 cluster

95 disco potato obs
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so i was in the drift scene prior with a few 240's.
my last one, i took this,

into this,

and then the vip scene

traded the q45 for the
"DISCO POTATO" as i call her.

i love driving the car, even in it's "limp' mode until i get all the parts to properly/safely tuen up the boost. i'm a total noob to subaru's but love all the potential the cars have when it comes to snow and camping trips. this is the first car in a long time that i own that i have no intentions of lowering.

so my current shopping list is 800cc injectors; walbro fuel pump; and retune. improve the intake system and maybe a fmic if the tmic can't hold up to what i want. looking for about 350hp to the wheels.

picked up new slotted rotors and hp plus brake pads. just waiting on the s.s. brake lines to install all at once.

the only real problem i have with the car is the harness. the previous owner did the merge himself. now to his credit it works great, but if you look at the harness, it looks like a grenade went off under the dash with all the wires everywhere. this will need to be addressed down the road; most likely with iwire!

as i start to put things on i will add here.

see you guys out there.

95 disco potato obs
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A little update. Kyb's and springs installed. New wheels getting powder coated. Blitz intake and the apexi elbow installed as well. Getting ready for summer. ;-)

95 disco potato obs
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Lots of minor things to do for the summer.
new clutch master as mine is leaking and new slave to change the whole set up.
Cobb short shifter with front and rear bushings.

Now for the fun stuff :
660 injectors
Turbo xs boost controller
And retune of the standalone to make at least 320 hp. B-)
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