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2001 Coupe
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If you were part of the original discussion thread in the suggestions forum or would like to discuss this thread, please go HERE.

The idea is to keep this thread quiet so that when the thread pops up in our subscriptions, we know someone needs help.

If you would be willing to help someone who's stranded, please simply subscribe to this thread and keep an eye out for someone who needs help close to you.

If you are unsure how to subscribe without posting, scroll up a little bit to the grey bar above this post. Click the "THREAD TOOLS" button, then subscribe. E-mail updates are nice if you will see them on your fancy phone.

Premise: If you are stranded outside your comfort zone and want hands-on help from volunteering members here, you post in the thread. Location, much like in the “for sale” threads, should be in the post title, and possibly even a highway, mile marker or intersection.

Then give whatever diagnosis you can. For instance: 4 flat tires, transmission 100 yards back, engine bay engulfed in flames or hopefully something a little more mundane.

Up to you to decide whether to include a phone number, but that's what I would do.

If you don't have the ability to post roadside, call a friend to do it.
Offering troubleshooting help for the stranded party through the thread for the stranded party is fine, as it will be cleaned up after the stranded party is safe and sound.

When the issue has been resolved, or the vehicle has been fixed/moved/or scrapped, please post in this thread so those who could come to help don’t show up after you are gone.

Below is a list of people who have offered their assistance if an RS25 member is stranded near them. If you wish to be added to this list, please PM me and I will do my best to keep it updated. You obviously do not have to be on the below list to help out a fellow gearhead, but it may make it more convenient. Please do not post your information in this thread.

Those who will subscribe and help if possible, without pertinent info posted:
jonny o Ohio and every major highway in the lower 48.
BackWoodsBob (RIP)
ruckus racing
thegoldenfist <- With instant e-mail notification. Special accommodation made for special user.
MSRTom Summerville/Charleston SC (towing capability)
Shinjammin Twin Cities area in MN

Your decision to send me personal info to post here is your own. I will not be responsible for hordes of cheerleaders stalking you. If you wish to have it removed and I'm not quick enough to reply to a PM, I'm sure a moderator will understand and edit the post for you.

Those who are willing to share pertinent info: They are sticking their necks out for the greater good of our community. Mess with them and it will get ugly vigilante style.

northeast chicagoland
Form of contact:
Can provide basic tool kit, gas runs, and parts run
Major highways:
Interstate 94
Illinois route 41
Willing to help if free between Chicago and Wisconsin border


Location:Northeast New Jersey (Essex County and surrounding areas.)
Form of Contact: PM (email goes straight to my phone)
Can provide a range of tools, gas, fluids and parts.
Landmarks and Highways near me:
Exit 151 on the Parkway
16W on the Turnpike
State Route 3
Willing to help if Im free from woodbridge up to bergen county and anywhere in between. (will go to NYC if you help pay that stupid 12 dollar toll)


Location:Ann Arbor, Mi (or the metro area)
Form of Contact: PM/call 231-330-2022
Can provide a range of tools, gas, fluids, air tools, parts, ride, place to crash.
Landmarks and Highways near me:
Ann Arbor, US23, I94, I275, I96, M14, Detroit, Ypsilanti.
Lemme know if I can help!

Jack Stalk
Location:North New Jersey (Riverdale/Parsippany)
Form of Contact: emailing [email protected] goes directly to my phone
Have tools, mechanical expertise, can provide gas/fluid/ride/moral support
Landmarks and Highways near me:
Exit 52 on Route 287
Garden State Parkway, Route 23, Route 46, Route 80, Route 280, Route 24, Route 78, Route 10
Willing to help if I'm around. Can go to NYC for $12 toll fee, I can help in and around Northern NJ/NY border, and possibly near NEPA

Available: 6AM-8PM
Location: Everett to Seattle
Contact: PM or [email protected]
Can provide: Tools, parts, fluids, hard truths
Highways: I-5, I-90, I-405, SR99, SR520
Comments: I can help diagnose and fix minor problems or I can tell you what needs to be done at a shop

Have tools (no hoist), gas/parts run
From Western Queens down to Central Brooklyn
Can help if free, 295 from Astoria area down to Central Brooklyn and 495 from Queens to Little Neck regions. Staten Island you're SOL.

Boise Idaho, 50 mile radius
PM for contact
Tools / Towing / Network

Marc Kroon
Location: Central NJ : Bridgewater/Somerville
Form of contact: Text 4014841337 or PM
Willing to help out any way I can.

Location: Marietta, GA 30064 and 30540. Basically northwest ATL metro area.
Contact: Private Message (will notify me on my cell)
Can Provide: Tools, jacks, ramps, truck/hitch, fluids, parts, air tools, diagnostics, and ride.
Major Highways: Atlanta Metro Area I-75, I-285, I-85, I-20, I-575, GA400
I'm willing to pick up an auto transporter from UHaul if I'm reimbursed.

George of the Jungle
souther SC. charelston area.
Form of contact:
Can provide damn near anything. have full shop at my disposal.
Major highways:
I-26 from charlestonto columbia
Willing to help if free between savannah and columbia

Jay Leca
Philadelphia Pa
215 868 1105
Tools, gas, parts, parts run.
As far north as yardley and as south as philadelphia airport or maybe even ridley park area.
Major highways I-95, Route 1, Route 413, I676/ I76 (if your paying tolls.)

Location: North of Pittsburgh, PA
Form of Contact: PM (will go to my phone), Call 724-5o4-61oo. (text first please, I don't typically answer numbers I am not familiar with.)
Can provide a range of tools, gas, fluids and parts.
Landmarks and Highways near me: I-79, Rt. 19, and Rt. 422
Willing to drive further with reimbursement.

Gary V.
Hawley, Pa Near route 84 east of Scranton
570-470-0932 call or text
any tool ya need, garage with a lift, tire machine, and probably about anything else you need.

Location: southwest WA, Northwest OR
Form of contact: PM me (goes to phone) or text (360) 261-2808
Can Provide:tools, gas, fluids, a ride to a store,
Near: Between Olympia and Portland
Work: 2 PM till 10:30 PM daily
Give me a text if you need help

Jeff archer.
schuylkill county pa/state college pa
Any help i can offer.

Location:Lancaster MA or West Warwick RI
Form of Contact: 978-424-5340
Can provide: A ride, short list of tools, or a dose of reality.
Landmarks and Highways near me: 495, 95, 190, 290, 295
Distance willing to travel: To be discussed at the time of call, pending location and scheduling.

Anything within a 100 mi radius from Boulder, CO
Can provide tools, gas, parts, place to crash etc.
Major Highways: 36, 25, 70

Location 17985
40 mile radius help (close to Interstate 80, 81)
Full shop, tire machine and balancer, able to tow
Spare parts, spare rolling stock

248-342-2690 or [email protected]
Hand tools, Air tools, gas run, road side repair, w/e else.
Metro Detroit (the closer the better)
Prefer no farther from Detroit then Ann Arbor.


Name: Tim
Contact: Message (linked to my email on phone)
Area: IVO Fayetteville, NC
Distance: Depends on the day

cell # 914-844-2352
Richmond, VA - 30 mile radius. Fredericksburg all the way down to NC.
I ride with floor jack, stands socket/wrench sets in the trunk for just such rescues.

Contact - PM
Lexington, KY - 50 mile radius

Location: Provost, Alberta
Cell:1 587 878 0087
Pm: Constantly Monitored
Can provide: Parts truck, Tools, Fuel runs, Emergency pickups, beer, Guidance/advice ect....
Available in East Central Alberta 5:30- 11pm weekdays

Dayton, OH
Form of contact:
937.829.1486 or pm
Major highways:
Interstate 75, 70, & 675
OH Rt. 35
Willing to help in anyway i can, but ill bring a tool kit with me.


Name: Shaun
Contact: PM for cell. I have Tapatalk notifications on.
Area: Allentown PA or Pottsville PA (I81 between Harrisburg and Hazelton)
Distance willing to travel: Quite far, just shoot me some gas money.
Can provide: Beer, rally service tool kit, metric-****-ton of random spares, minor extractions, automotive knowledge, wiring diagrams/service manuals, etc. I have a truck with a camper-cap.

Location: 50 mile radius of Cincinnati
Contact: PM/ call 859-757-3617
Tools: sockets grinders wrenches, the works.
Major highways I75, I71, 275, AA

Location: Central NFLD (east coast Canada)
Form of Contact: PM (email goes straight to my phone)
Landmarks and Highways near me: TCH
I can do basically anywhere on the island or at least find you help in most places on the island. East of Grand Falls is the easiest for me/most likely for me to be able to help you
Tools, gas, trailer, manpower. Parts aren't easy to come by here.

Londonderry NH willing to travel within 50 miles or so
Email or text anytime [email protected] 603-264-6624
Have the works for tools and various parts, Networking for a lift/tire shop/detail shop ect. can do anything to help

Location:Twin cities area, MN
Form of Contact: (651)500-3741
Can provide: A ride, tools, knowledge/labor, parts, a place to crash, security?!.
Distance willing to travel: (same as IBrake4Scoobs) To be discussed at the time of call, pending location and scheduling.
Interstate 93/101/rt3/293 ect

Rusty "RiggedPerformance"
Northern Utah/southern Idaho
Payson, ut - Pocatello, id.
Everything from Swap wiring issues to full trans explosions. I've done it all.
801 810 9351 Or 435 881 9351

Located: Central Ohio (Columbus)
Form of contact: PM for phone number
Can provide: most basic tools, jack/stands, space to work, help with parts run, extra hand capable of most work
Major highways: 270, 70, 315, 71

Location: Scarborough and Orono, Maine
Available: anytime day or night, im a college kid LOL
Form of Contact: PM me with a cell #
Major highways: anything off of i95, just throw me gas money if you are far out.
Can provide: anything really, know a lot of people in the area with more mechanical knowledge and spares than me. I can hopefully find you the right guy

Bryan/College station (Texas)
available 8am-12pm (could be a few hours if between 9-5)
contact 979 997 0076
can provide tools, mechanical knowledge, gas run/ride home, shoulder to cry on, shop space between 6pm friday-10pm sunday if given a day or so notice


North Alabama
Contact: John 256-698-5584. Text is better as I don't answer unknown numbers often.
Can provide tools, manpower, ride, parts, gas, fluids etc.
Landmarks and Highways near me: I565, I65, Space and Rocket Center, Redstone Arsenal.
Willing to help anyone stranded locally, or from Nashville to Birmingham for gas. I work days, so keep that in mind.

smartbeatz: Sean
Location: Tampa, FL
[email protected]
Always willing to lend a hand if you need help on your car... or are stranded
Highways: 275, Veterans Pkwy & I-4
Has tons of hand tools, ramp, jack, stands and good ol' fashion gust and will to get the job done.

Location: Near Storrs/UCONN, CT - Close to I-84. West to Hartford and East to Sturbridge, Mass.
Also will help anyone within a reasonable radius of UCONN.
Phone: 860-377-8605 Call (Leave voicemail or text if no answer) Email: [email protected]
What I can do: I have most tools that could possibly be needed. Jacks, jackstands, lots of hand tools. I will make parts runs and lend my hands helping repair the vehicle. I have spare tires/wheels (5x100) for loan as well.


Marquette, MI and all over the country for work.
Form of contact: 650-485-1796
Rides, Knowledge, Part Swap Assistance, Shoulder to cry on and minor to major tools depending on location
Major highways: US-41, US2 -
If I'm nearby I will do anything in my power to help you out. Currently am working in Indiana and will try to update when I change job sites.

Name: Brian
Located: Daytona Beach/Central FL
Form of contact: (386)569-4217 / RS25 PM
Can provide: Help with repairs, Breakdowns, Rides, Tools, Knowledge, Willing to help with anything really, especially drinking beer, I can always help if you have too much beer.
Major highways: I95, R40, US1, A1A, and maybe I4. "I4 especially if you have beer"

Big Country
Location: Amarillo, TX
Form of Contact: PM (will go to my phone), Instant email subcription on this thread!
Can provide: Towing, Tools, Fuel, Fluids, Bed, etc.
Landmarks and Highways near me: Texas Panhandle (I-40, I-27, US-287)
Willing to drive as far as OKC to ABQ with reimbursement.
Also have helpful contacts in Farmington, NM and the I-25 corridor.

Location: 50 mile radius of Spokane, WA
Form of Contact: PM (email goes straight to my phone) or text 509-994-0979
Can provide basic tools, gas, fluids, ride, parts run.
Landmarks and Highways near me: Fairchild AFB
Available after about 6pm M-F. Weekends are usually open.

Colorado Springs
Form of contact:
7192298169 (text if possible)
Can provide basic tool kit, gas runs, parts run, jump starts, and a little bit of knowledge!
Major highways:
Interstate 25
Interstate 24
Highway 115

I'm in Hartford, CT.
Can help anyone within 45min in any direction, more if needed.
I'm usually free most of the week
Have basic tools, a truck in need hauling anything
My numbers 860.995.2213 call/text
They can pm me but may take 5-20 min until I get the message to my phone.

Brzeph - Joe
Location: Greater Boston Area
Contact: 845-234-4782, text first (don't answer calls for unknown numbers)
Can Provide: tools, fluids (do not currently have a gas can), an extra set of hands, a ride, possibly a place to crash if necessary

portland metro area

Location: Murfreesboro, TN Area up to ~100 miles
Major Highways: I24, I65, I40, I440
Name: Jody Packer
Contact: 937-219-1184 or [email protected]
Available: Most nights after 5pm and weekends
Will help with: Anything with hand tools and jack, parts runs, fuel, etc. No garage, but have flat drive way for work space if needed.

Location: Muskegon Michigan, US 31, I 96, US 131, Muskegon County
What I have: Tools, Fuel, Tow Straps, A Subaru.
Availability: Just contact me worst come to worst, Im sleeping ot in a meeting.
Contact: Email: [email protected] Text: (231) two 1 five - 3145

2001 Coupe
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Thanks to Joshua for cleaning this up.

I'm going to add a list for people who will subscribe and help, but don't want listed information... like myself.

Feel free to PM me if you would like to be added there.


People who have been stranded
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