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Going for alignment right now :)

Didn't go well.... one of the toe bolts in the back is frozen. The shop didn't want to take the responsibility so they sent me on my way to take my own bolt out... Ehhh.

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Long Awaited Update!!!

OK and my beloved friends and co-lurkers... So as all of you already know me, Subiesmaster and Cinek02 swapped my car last weekend. So now it is 5spd AWD :D

anyway lets go to the story ;)

Everything started with me picking up a Tranny, Driveshaft, Pedal Box, shifter and all kinds of nuts and bolts from a 99 Forester that I was planning to purchase for the AWD 5spd swap but had no place to keep the Donor. Anyway, my friend pulled it all apart and junked the shell b4 he went to college. I picked it up shortly upon his return for spring break :naughty:

It took me about a month to find another donor for the rear cross member and other AWD components, but eventually I narrowed down to my favourite Subaru shop that I have been pretty much family with since I got my license... haha

After some discussions and arrangements with the owner he let me use one of his junkers and also the shop over the weekend :)

AWD components came out of a 97 Wagacy Outback :rolleyes:

So after a few busy weeks at work I finally got a break and went ahead to tear that baby apart.

I came in Thursday night and got into it ;)

Removed the rear cross-member with knuckles, T arm, and diff in about 2 hours

Then Subiemaster helped me yank the gas tank out :naughty:

Friday I came in early and installed the pedal box and rerouted all the wiring for my Fogs and sub.. (sry no pix of that)
Honestly I think that was one of the major pains in this swap... It took me around 2 hours to do this shit!!! :stafiseiz

Saturday morning was the last time I will see my car FWD Auto:

I got to the shop around 3:30/ 4 pm... and Subiemaster and me tore the thing apart.

While I was taking apart the rear he tore into the tranny and yanked it out even b4 I got to the gas tank... :mamoru:

We slowely pulled the rear end apart and while I was prepping the AWD stuff Subiemaster put in the clutch and got the 5spd prepped :)

I tore the crossmember and stuff apart, to replace the rear diff with a 98RS 4.11 one

While I was pulling the sway bar apart and the brakes Subiemasta' tore in the shifter...

we put in the gas tank and got the cross member in:

Then we followed up with the T arm, diff, axles and e-brake cables...

When that was all done I helped him put in the tranny :sunny:

Then I had to clean the backing plates on the brakes which were terrible!!! :monkey:

after which the rest of the components went in... driveshaft, heatshields, etc..

At 12 am we were pretty much done... we left the car over night with the rear brakes and swaybar still to be put together. After which the wheels could go on and it was ready.

We left it...

On Sunday we got to the shop around noon and in a few hours took it for a spin... :eek:rly:

Unfortunatly I don't have any pictures from Sunday but everyone knows how rear disc brakes and WRX RSB looks like ;)

Car drove great! I loved the feel rite away and when we put the rear sway bar in after switching the FWD catback to WRX one because it was rubbing on the axles (Thanks To Subiemaster :) ) the car felt like on rail expecially with 215/45 Falken Azenis RT-615 which again I got from Subiemaster :lol:

Here's the outcome... :D

Bad News:

As much as I would love this swap to go smooth it didn't as all the others do...

-First problem we ran into is the mounts on the Outback. Since the outback has spacers to lower the crossmember etc. I didn't have the right brackets and the bolts were long, so in order to make it sorta right we had to use our brains and those stupid spacers... Which means that I will now need most of the AWD swap bolts which I might get from the dealer (at 10 bucks a piace) and the brackets from an Impreza or anything non Outback/ Forester.

-Second problem was the speed sensor. The gay designed forester speedsensro (plastic) broke apart, so it took us a few minutes to get it out...

-Third was the Exhaust, which I kinda don't mind cuz I LOVE the wrx axleback!!! Its unbelievable how good it sounds!!! :D

-Fourth broblem was the dogbone... Maybe because the Forester tranny mount has that gay spacer, it leans the tranny just enough for the dogbone to be too long...

-And the MOST aggravating thing fellas...

After 4 days of driving, I pretty much blew the second gear out of the noisy old tranny... So Now if you have a 4:11 5spd for me, please let me know!!! :sadbanana:

Again: I want to thank my friends Subiemaster and Cinek02 for their help, aggravation and support!!!! Cinek is an Awesome cameraman and reporter!!! And Im just speachless for all the time and handson help that Subiemaster provided!!!! Thanks Guys! IDK what I would Do w/o You!!! <3

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Just came back! Man the trip was soo worth it! haha made it from Vermont home in 3.5 hours vs. 4.5 haha
Got a 2000 RS Trans and what I believe is an LSD Diff :)

How can you identify LSD diff w.o taking the cover off?
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