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93 version6 1.8L turbo 08 WRX
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This will be the thread that i put progress of my Impreza L , starting with the beginning.

1/06 - 1/07: Purchased car, rims, mudflaps, fog lights
2/07 - 4/07: 2.5rs springs, rear disc conversion, swaybar
6/07: Purchased 2.5rs hood, bumper, and vents
7/07: Purchased 2.5rs front brakes and doors
8/07: Purchased and received exterior parts
10/07: Installed WRX axleback and 22b rep. spoiler
10/07: Installed 2.5rs hood
11/07: Installed 2.5rs front bumper, fog covers, v.6 front lip
11/07: Leather shift boot and installed new fender
11/07: Installed doors
11/07: Installed 15" BBS's
11/07: Installed 2.5rs headlights and grill
12/07: Bought strut bar and debadged trunk
1/08: Installed Momo steering wheel
1/08: Installed strut bar
1/08: Got car back from paint
2/08: Installed 2.5rs front brakes
3/08: Installed sideskirts
6/09: Installed KYB GR2's w/ Tanabe GF210

Engine Build Thread: My 93 Turbo L Thread

Spoiler on photoshoot
Photoshoots of new paint
More new paint photos here, here, and here
Parking Garage Photos
Photoshoot with sideskirts
Rolling shots with sideskirts
Rear Spats are on Photoshoot - Driveway
Rear Spats are on Photoshoot - Parking Garage
Night Photoshoot
More Parking Garage Photos w/ turbo engine picture
Quick Photoshoot of the L w/ turbo engine picture
wash and wax photoshoot
New Suspension Photoshoot
Rolling Shots
Clear Corners Installed
Subaru & Volvo Photoshoot
Subaru in a little bit of Snow
2.5RS & Impreza L
Shallow Depth of Field - Impreza L + Wallpaper

Its current state:



93 version6 1.8L turbo 08 WRX
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01/06: Bought the car around January 2006 for 1000 from an old lady. % speed and FWD. Stayed stock until the end of the year.

12/06: Purchased tires for my rims i bought a few months back, 12 dollar fog lights, and Rallyarmor mudflaps.

1/07: Mounted my tires and put the new rims on. Soon after i realized i needed some sort of drop.


93 version6 1.8L turbo 08 WRX
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2/07: Fog lights broke off after taking a driveway to fast :rolleyes: . I didn't mind considering shortly before 1 stopped working and the 12 dollar price i paid. Purchased and installed 2.5rs springs on my car. Got them for a good price and the drop made the car look alot better. I also painted the chrome window trim around my windows oem black.


Bit the bullet and purchased:

Whiteline rear sway bar 20mm
wrx lateral links
rear endlinks
swaybar mounts
whiteline front endlinks ( since my L comes with 19mm sway anyway)
Rear WRX Brake Calipers with Brackets
WRX Rear Rotors
new Rear Stainless Steel lines
new Rear AXXIS/PBR Metal Master Pads

Installed them over a week since i bought the wrong lateral links the first time. Pretty painless with the exception of the swaybar. Also took 2 pictures that made my car look ok looking.

Wrong lateral links:

Right lateral links with wrx disc's installed(never mind the date on the pics).


93 version6 1.8L turbo 08 WRX
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6/07: Ok, ok it's a small update. I bought the recent Super street since a NASIOC member's car was featured and got these!

Points if you identify who's on the cereal box in the background of pic. 2.

6/15/07: Perry Subaru delivered the parts this morning. :sunny: Still waiting on the scoop and vents i bought from a member here.

6/28/07: Well, i got the vents and scoop a while back and sanded them down and put some black primer on them. I don't think I'm going to put any of the parts on until I'm ready for paint.

Cell phones rule. :rolleyes: .

2008 AW STi
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imprezaL2345 said:
dot dot dots for every minute? post whore much?!

Looks like you have a poop load of old classic looking cars in your driveway. What are they?

Lower your car and it will look a hundred times better. lol! Really it will.
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