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2000 Sti Version6
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Hi there, this is my Car. Pikachu Aka:The yellow monster.

This car has seen a lot of changes in the years i have had it. and the journey continues.

mods so far?

-full cosmetic restoration with original decals and emblems.
-rust treatment.
-Upgraded front brakes from a 06 Legacy Gt,rebuilt rear brakes.
-Kakimoto Titanium/stainless exhaust .
-Koyo Aluminum radiator.
-Complete set of Silicone coolant hoses.
-Greddy BOV
-Blitz air filter.
-Hks Accessory belts.
-Defi Boost gauge.
-Beefed up oil pump.
-A/c serviced and regassed.
-Oem floor mats in the exact factory pattern.
-Oem Gear knob.
-GDB Yellow/rainbow Fog lights.
-Dem loud JDM horns.
-IPF Glow lights. that glow green after you turn your lights off.(looks evil AF)
-Super rare "Syms by Enkei" rims, with Advan tires.

stuff in boxes?

-Complete set of Dixcel type M brake pads,(f/r) and Dixcel slotted discs for the front.
- Complete set of OEM Door seals, and trunk seal.
-HKS Timing belt,new waterpump,and tensioners.
-Fresher OEM momo steering wheel.
-OEM Shift boot.
-Nos fog light switch.
-Carozerria / pioneer head unit
-stuff i forgot i have. . .

-install the stuff in boxes. lol
-a complete engine gasket kit.
-new OEM Clutch.
-rear speakers.
-Sti optional foot pedals/foot rest.
-lightly used period correct Recaro or Bride seat.
-Decent Coilovers and suspension goodies.

get this bad boy back on the road. :sunny:

This is MY car, the one that will always stay.
the build is aimed at modern performance,and period correct cosmetics. like a brand new car back in 2000. i will be using it for circuit, and drag. quick but not pushed too far. as it is, this car is stupid fast. i love this car.

thanks for checking it out. :D



2000 Sti Version6
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thanks guys, here are some pics of the journey until now.

after purchase, with wheels i had floating around.

Yeah, bought cash in hand. for $800. the shop garbage can. it was filled with trash. and nobody cared for it. but destiny? had other ideas.

the interior after a clean. as i got it.

the brakes. .

The fronts were also refurbed. with new paint and Wako's silicone grease.
here are the rears.

more work to do. .
the body?

getting it nice.


the reveal?

Now to get serious.

2000 Sti Version6
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haha, no. that is a pic of the factory Gc8 subaru stamped brakes. compared to the much larger Tokico made BP5 Legacy GT brakes. before i started to swap them.
once more:

you can see the difference in surface area.
for a direct fit setup? Brilliant value. and the Legacy being a heavier car? they are a fantastic budget big brake upgrade. not Brembo's, but with good pads,slotted discs,braided lines,and race spec brake fluid? just as good. for half the price.

the best part? they match the rear calipers.


a very stealthy upgrade. you'll see more when i get around to installing the parts i got to complete the setup. i'm expecting strong performance from these. and am already impressed.

Thanks hot tub rob. :)

2000 Sti Version6
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Evo 4?

Thanks man, The color is "Cashmere Yellow" and was an original option for Sti models from Version 4. through to Version 6. it is an exceedingly rare color.

according to Subaru, there were around 2,000 V6 Sti wagons, 2,000 Sti v6 Sedans , 2,000 V6 "-doors. 2,000 Type RA's. . and so on.

with limited record keeping on exact numbers per color. my car was determined to be one of less than 700 Sti V6 sedans in Cashmere yellow.
that's "is it matching numbers?" level rare.
lol no, it's not matching numbers. but it will stay true to it's rarity. which drives the whole "Period correct" obsessiveness. :help:

hopefully have it out of the snow tomorrow.

and OMG!!!!!! The builds all you other guys are doing? amazing. i'm going to have to step up my game. you guys let me know that too much is never enough. i promise to try to have a car you deem worthy. a time capsule that hauls ass.

thanks. so glad i found this place.

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I expected a yellow Impreza, but I didn't expect it to look so GOOD! I wish mine was half as clean...

I'm assuming you have a 2.0 under the hood?

2000 Sti Version6
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Thanks for the love guys. i'm super keen to get started. still digging it out.
the first mod will be a new battery.- not exciting..or is it?

browsing for parts too. also got use of an engine lift and stand. getting ready.

He's referring to the Club Spec Evo 4, the one fhi made for AUS...Duhhhh!

Looking good, love the re-spray!
haha, i know. never miss an Evo pun. super cool. and if our man in Aus gets the chance to buy one? do it asap.

thank you sir, it was my dream car. still is.

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Nice work on ditching the 4 pots for LGT brakes. The only thing the 4 pots have going for them is they look better and they fit under 16" wheels, that's about it. If you ever swap to 5x114.3 hubs the Tribeca rotor is the same as the LGT but drilled for 5x114.3. LGT/Tribeca brakes are totally the stealth BBK on the cheap.

2000 Sti Version6
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naw,actually i luck'd out. it took a long time. . .

I'll save you buddy!!!

Hours later ..

Come on...

I can see the wheels!!

So close ..

Had to go to work. beyond excited to hear this thing start up again .

Next?? Dig out my tools. there is work to do.
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