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Post your Subaru part number requests here!

Please be as descriptive as you can.

i.e. Don't just ask "What's the part number for a taillight?" Specify year, LH or RH side, sedan coupe or wagon, etc...

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im on trying to find the part number for Oxygen sensors(rear and front) and i noticed on one of the sites(NorthUrsalia) that the part number is:
22791AA00A - Front (1999-01)
22641AA011 - Front (98)
22690AA420 - Rear (98)

noticed there was no 99-01 Rear.. but using those numbers on rockauto.. i did not find them =/

What are the part numbers for both Rear and front o2 sensors for a 2000 2.5RS?

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i need a part number for a (specifically) 99-01 RS front bumper cover...thanks :)
99-01 RS Bumper Face - Front: 57720FA160

Part numbers for JDM version 6 STI MY00 Door cards for a sedan.

I'd like to see someone bring it!
Sorry, never stocked in the U.S., so no part number here.
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