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'00 2.5RS Coupe
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Im pretty sure the whole interior will swap over, the chassis themselves underwent very little change.
Your screen name made me chuckle tho.
Thanks, I figured as much. The salvage yard only charged $60 total for A pillars, B/C pillars, rear quarter cards/panels, seat belts, kick/scuff/sill trim, center console/arm rest, dash cubbby, and other miscellaneous parts. We'll see how it all fits. I still need to locate a headliner and coupe door cards though.

lol glad the username could make you laugh 😄

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Ok first off welcome all newbies. this thread is designed to answer questions to first timers around your cars and the site. every one else please feel free to add on the thread things I missed. ;)

  • the search button is your best friend. the chances are if you have a question about something it has been spoken of already
  • there is a DIY (do it yourself) section that is exreemly helpfull with detailed write ups on many things listed below.
  • yes you can put many wrx/sti parts on your car (gd-gc)
  • yes you can swap a 2.5 motor in your 1.8-2.2 car with minor modifications
  • yes you can swap a turbo motor in your car but with wireharness modification
  • your parking lights are on while the car is off because the switch on top of your steering colum is on.
  • yes you can put rs/wrx rear disks on your car, you need their hubs as well.
  • no an rs dual port header will work on all 2.2 motors. the newer 2.2 motors have single ports
  • to know if you have dual or single ports, look under your car. by the oil pan if you look for where your header bolts up you will either see two holes going into one pipe, or a single hole the whole way.
  • yes a wrx or sti catback exhaust will fit our cars with a little modification. such as hanger locations and correcting the length and rotating flanges
  • you can identify the size of your motor by looking by the powersteering and altenator. it will be engraved such as ej1.8, ej2.2, ej2.5.
  • yes you can swap a complete rs interior in your car. you can also swap a wrx/sti interor with some modification of the dash.
  • if you own a coupe or sedan, no your rear seats do not fold down. only wagon seats fold
  • no you cannot swap any usdm sti rear sway bar without having problems
  • no your stock rs wheels will not clear brembo brakes
  • yes your stock rs wheels will clear jdm and wrx 4pot brakes
  • only 04 sti bbs rims will fit any other suby other than an sti
  • 04 sti, 93-01 all impreza, 02-07 wrx are 5X100 bolt patterns. 05 up sti are 5x114 bolt patterns
  • 98 rs have dohc heads ej25e (phase I), 99-01 rs have sohc heads ej251 (phaseII)
  • 98 rs's have the "L" style bumper with round fogs
  • 99-01 rs's have the jdm version 5/6 style bumper with larger fogs
  • yes you can swap an rs or outback sport(obs) hood on an L impreza.
  • yes you can swap the 99-01 rs front bumper, but you need the 99-01 rs bumper beam
  • no you cant use sedan/coupe jdm/usdm tail lights on a wagon, vise versa
  • a true genuine rs has a factory steel sunroof. so no sunroof no rs lol
  • if you want an avitar and or change the 1.8l under your name, go premium
  • the 2.5 motor is very reliable but the head gaskets and timing belts need to be replaced at around 100k
  • no it is not the same to put a turbo kit on an N/A 2.5 and be equal to an sti
  • its better to swap than to turbo an N/A motor, it will be cheaper, more reliable, and more power as well as room for power in the end
  • yes you can use wrx and 04 and under sti struts on your car, but you must swap the top hats from your stock struts.
  • a 20 mm wrx rear sway bar is a decent suspension up grade that will work
  • gc and gf cars use H4 dual filament bulbs, H3 for the fogs
  • FTW= for the win, FTL= for the lose, CEL= check engine light, WTB= wanted to buy
  • to post an ad in the classified (wanted to buy also) click "members classifieds" on the top of the home page. then click create a new ad
  • enjoy and have a good time.:D
as said above every one, feel free to add things i missed.
So much info in one thread it's unreal lol. One stop shop and search.
481 - 492 of 492 Posts