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97 RX sedan
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Have had 5-6 of these things over the last few years, i find them easy to work on and just generally a fun car.

First one was this one

Ended up stripping it for parts due to rust and bad body.

Had this one for a weeks , got it cheap, fixed it and sold it all within 6 weeks :p

Got this in part of a trade deal with the shell bellow and some parts

Then got this one, very clean, swapped in a later 1.8L engine, 4 speed, bigger brakes all round. stock interior. Very small snappy quick car. was fun.

Then started working on this one as i got parts, has been a slow year with no work, medical crap ect.
Did manage to get the Subie wagon so not all is lost. Plan on getting this Mk1 going once ive moved house this month.

As it sits as of couple days, had to pack the contents of shed, or what i could into it. Is on coilovers atm, it barely went down when fully packed with crap hha

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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