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So...this car has been with me a looooong time and it has been broken more often that it is has been running in the past 10 years so I am debating what direction to go. Becuase it has been down for a few years, I have lost a bit of sense of what things are worth so figured I would ask ya'll! I sent my engine to a guy in Texas and after years of being screwed around, I assume it is all for loss and I am not sure it makes sense to dig deeper into the money pit. Basically car has no engine but has a TONS of added body/suspension/etc. I know I will make more if I part it but I don't have a ton of time to pull things so I might do easier bolt ons but I don't want to pull the 6MT, Coils, Brakes and what not so is a mostly accurate list of what is there.

Here is my member journal - Indian Steve's Mock 22B build

Here is just about what is left with the car, everything really except the engine.

  • ATP GTX3071R
    NGK One Step Colder Spark Plugs
    Killer B Aluminum Oil Pan
    Killer B Ultimate Oil Pick Up
    Killer B Oil Baffle Windage Tray
    Project Kics Magnetic Oil Plug
    Grimmspeed Heat Shield
    DEI Turbo Blanket
    2004 STi 6MT
    Suba Performance Built R180 - Extra Clutch Packs added.
    Subaru Extra-S 75w-90
    Custom Single Piece Driveshaft
    Spiider/DCCDPro DCCD Control Unit
    DCCDPro Cluster Integration
    DSS 600hp Front Axles
    OEM Front 04 STi Axle Stubs
    2007 STi Rear Axles
    ACT 6MT 6 Puck Clutch
    Kevlar Coated 6 Puck
    ACT Heavy Duty Pressure Plate
    ACT Streetlite Flywheel
    Grimmspeed Lightweight Crank Pulley
    Kartboy Rear Shifter Bushing
    Whiteline STi 6MT Shifter Front Bushing
    Whiteline STi 6MT Shifter Rear Bushing
    Group N Transmission Mount
    Group N Dogbone
    MSI Solid Aluminum Engine Mounts
    Optima Red Top Battery
    Rally Tech Battery Tie Down
    Rally Tech Stainless Steel Battery Rods
    Rally Tech Fuse Box Cover

Fuel & Tuning

  • Haltech Platinum 1000 Engine Management System
    Haltech PnP V3/4 Harness
    Injector Dynamics ID1000 Top Feed Injectors
    Injector Dynamics PnP Harness
    GM Flex Fuel To Regular Gas Sensor
    Slodrive Flex Fuel Patch to Haltech
    Grimmspeed Boost Control Solenoid
    Carl Davey Top Feed Injector Adaptors
    Gates Barricade Green Shield Fuel Lines
    WRX Top Feed Fuel Rails
    Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
    Charcoal Canister Delete
    E85 to 91 On The Go Tune By The Boost Creep

Air Flow

  • Tomei Expreme Ti Titanium Catback
    GrimmSpeed Catted Divorced Downpipe
    Kartboy Exhaust Hangers
    DEI Titanium Wrap on Downpipe
    Killer B Motorsport 4-1 Holy Header
    DEI Titanium Wrap on Holy Headers
    Killer B Motorsport EWG Up Pipe
    DEI Titanium Wrap on Up Pipe
    TurboSmart Comp Gate 40mm w/ 14 PSI Wastegate
    Grimmspeed PnP EJ20K Throttle Body
    Grimmspeed Throttle Body Thermal Coat
    Grimmspeed IWG Bracket
    Grimmspeed Gasket Kit
    Grimmspeed PnP EJ20K Intake Manifold
    Grimmspeed Barrier Thermal Coat on Intake Manifold
    Zero/Sports 90mm Air Intake Pipe
    APEXi 85mm Dual Funnel Power Intake
    Silicone Turbo Pipe
    V3 Process West TMIC
    Process West Y-Pipe
    CSF Radiator
    Slim Fans
    JDM Fender Coolant Overflow
    JDM Coolant Hard Lines
    Samco V3 Radiator Hoses
    Beatrush Radiator Cover
    Rally Tech 8mm PFTE Spacers
    Rally Tech Alternator Cover
    Grimmspeed 8mm Phenolic Thermal Manifold Spacer
    A/C Removal
    A/C Firewall Delete Plug
    Process West TMIC Splitter


  • Q-Rack 11.5:1 Ratio
    Whiteline 30mm Steering Rack Bushings


  • GC 5X114 ISC Track (12k/10k) Coilovers
    JDM Carbon Fiber STi Front Strut Bar
    Whiteline Flatout Rear Strut Brace
    M4IF Trunk X-Brace
    Doluck Rear Cross Bar
    24mm Whiteline Front Sway Bar
    20-22-24mm Cusco Rear Sway Bar
    Whiteline Roll Center Kit
    Heavy Duty Whiteline Bushings
    Kartboy Spherical Front Endlinks
    Perrin Solid Rear Endlinks
    Perrin PSRS for GD STi Control Arms
    Cusco Lower Arm Brace Type 1
    Cusco Rear Subframe Brace
    Whiteline Control Arm Bushings
    Knockoff Energy Suspension Bushing Kit
    2xEibach Camber Bolts


  • Alcon Prodrive 4 Pots (Powercoated Green)
    328x28 2 Piece Stoptech Slotted Rotors
    Carbotech Bobcat Front Pads
    2006 STi 2 Pot Rear Brembos
    DBA 4000 Slotted Rear Rotors
    Brembo Rear Brake Pads
    Grimmspeed Master Brake Cylinder Brace
    Motul Super DOT Fluid
    STi Slave Cylinder


  • Full 5x114 Conversion
    2006 STi 5x114 Hubs/Knuckles
    2006 STi Front ABS Sensors
    GD TSS Lateral Links
    GD TSS Trailings Arms
    GD TSS Trailing Arm Mounts
    2004 STi Crossmember
    2004 STi Front Control Arms

Wheels & Tires

  • Summer
    17x10 ET 18 Volk TE37 in Bronze
    315/35/17 Sumitomo HTR Z
    295/35/17 Kumho Ecsta XS
    17x9.75 ET 25 XXR 527 in Gold
    245/40/17 Blizzak LM-22
    Black JDM Mcgard Laser Etched STi Lugs
    Muteki Open Lugs
    CF/Pink STi Black Center Caps


  • JDM V7 STi Seats
    60/40 Split Rear Seat
    Ver 6 10k/280KPH W/ DCCD Cluster
    USDM STi DCCD Thumbwheel
    USDM STi DCCD Switch
    Rally Innovations Harness Bar
    Sparco 4 Point Short Harness for Bar
    Kouki Carbon Fiber Dash Pod
    Maddad Clarity Boost Gauge
    Maddad Clarity Oil Press Gauge
    Innovate MTX-L Wideband wired into Haltech
    JDM STi Pedals w/ Dead Pedal
    GD WRX Wagon Wiper Stalk
    Genuine 22B Steering Wheel
    Genuine 22B Stainless STi Door Sills
    SPT STi Limited Short Shifter/Linkage
    JDM STi Black 6MT Knob
    JDM Hazard Switch
    JDM Headlight Washer Switch
    JDM Lighted Cigarette Lighter
    Dual Cupholders
    Ashtray Delete Pocket
    EDM Airbag Delete Dash Pocket
    JDM Rear Wiper Cover
    Custom Subaru Rubber Trunk Mat
    STi Black/Pink Floor Mats
    Subaru All Weather Mats
    Recaro Child Seat
    Unamused Smiley


  • Replica 22B Front Fenders
    Replica 22B Rear Fenders
    Replica 22B Sideskirts (molded into doorjams and rear fenders)
    Genuine 22B Trunk Badge
    Genuine 22B Titanium Fender Badges
    Genuine Morrette Headlights
    Genuine P1 Spoiler
    Genuine P1 Fog Light Kit
    Multicolor GD "P1" Style Fogs
    Genuine EDM Headlight Washer Setup
    Genuine JDM Rear Windshield with Wiper
    Genuine JDM Corner Lights
    Genuine JDM V6 Grill
    Genuine Pink I Badge
    Half Carbon V5/6 Chargespeed Type 2 Lip
    Password JDM Clips for Bumper
    Password JDM Clips for Lip
    VIS Carbon Fiber Hood
    Carbon Fiber S201 Scoop
    Carbon Fiber Mini Induction Scoop
    Carbon Fiber 22B Vent
    Carbon Fiber Aero Guards
    07 STi Rear Diffuser
    Cusco Diffuser Brackets
    JDM Clear Bumper Turn Signals
    Painted Bumper Vents
    STi Engraved License Plate Delete
    WRC Carbon Fiber Mirrors
    Subaru Sunroof Deflector
    Hella Supertones
    JDM Ver 5/6 Smooth Bumper
    JDM Ver 5/6 Rear Spats
    JDM Rear License Plate Holder
    JDM Lightweight Rear Beam
    JDM STi Tail Lights
    25% Tint

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Also, if there is anything that people want and it is fairly easy for me to pull off... let me know what you are thinking! ;)

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Sorry to hear you're ending the project, it's a gorgeous build! Without an engine the car has to be worth at least $15,000 if the body is clean, from the parts list I can tell no expenses were spared and youve got all the goodies to make any enthusiast's mouth water.

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Thanks! It is hard to think about selling it but it doesn't really fit with future plans. I am sure I will cry when its gone :(

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Very sad to hear Steve! It seems really unfortunate but I understand your position. I have every thing to build my car the way i want, sans pistons, but building the car wrong over the years put me in quite a bit of debt. It'll be three or four years before I can actually move forward with it. If someone wanted it and had four grand, I'd let them take every thing just to not have to look at it rot away.

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Very sad to hear Steve! It seems really unfortunate but I understand your position. I have every thing to build my car the way i want, sans pistons, but building the car wrong over the years put me in quite a bit of debt. It'll be three or four years before I can actually move forward with it. If someone wanted it and had four grand, I'd let them take every thing just to not have to look at it rot away.
I’d be interested, are you in Oregon? I’m not able to PM you though

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Yep, it’s been at so many different stages through the years... would be nice to go back in time with money and just do it right from the beginning but you gotta learn one way or another I guess!

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Unfortunately buddy it's worth as much as someone is willing pay, but you need to find that someone. You won't be able to get anywhere near what you think it's worth. You would be better off completing it and then deciding to sell/keep. If someone showed up with four grand I'd let them take my car and literally everything I've collected for it, merged bugeye ecm/harness, 6mt, widebody, somuchstuff, it can even be driven away! I know it's all worth twice as much, but no one would buy it at that price, no one is even knocking on my door at 4! but that's because it has just as many doors.

4-6 as it is. likely at least 10 if you finished it. cars that dont run and drive lose a lot of value in my mind even if nothing else is wrong with the car. if I can't drive it away we got issues. There's a 55k mile old lady owned stocker in your area(assuming denver) for 11.5, if that helps give you an idea what yours is worth

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I understand where he is coming from but nope, not listing it for 4K when the 6MT itself is half that by itself on the cheap end. I’m not sure what I’m doing but I’ve easily got 4K in parts that I can sell without touching much. Open to other ideas though, thanks!
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