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2005 Legacy GT Wagon 5 Speed
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Hey all! My name is Jonny Walker, I'm 25, and I am in the US Coast Guard. I'Ve been a pretty actiVe member here for quite some time and haVe finally gotten around to doing a member's journal. If you haVe any questions bout anything or want close ups of anything feel free to ask away. Besides that enjoy...:)

Cars I'Ve owned on the past:
-93 Subaru Legacy LS Wagon
-94 Subaru Legacy L Wagon
-96 Subaru Impreza L Coupe
-99 Subaru Legacy L Wagon
-05 Mazda RX-8 GT

Current Car
-99 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport Wagon
-Had 123,500 miles back on 13 April 2010 when my dad drove it from Colorado to Michigan to get it to me and that was the first day I droVe it. Since then I'm up near the 153,XXX miles range.

-Daily driVer
-RallyX (recently haVe decided to lift more so no more RallyX for this wagon)
-Weekend off-road toy
-HaVe the "WTF" look when I roll up beside you on the trail

-Rare Gravel Express Pushbar... was in an accident and is now trashed. Looking into getting a custom/replica Mudrat tube bumper/oushbar
-Depo Black Crystal Clears
-Amber Corner Lights
-Rareisk Subaru Headlight Protectors
-JDM V5/6 Grill
-Rare "Impreza" Antenna Delete
-OEM Subaru Clear Headlight Protectors
-Rare ProdriVe Intake Vent Scoop
-Seibon Carbon Fiber ReVerse Cowl Hood Scoop
-Rally Armor UR Red Mudflaps
-Rare JDM Tommy Kaira Rear GF Wing
-JDM Wagon Roof Rails
-JDM GF Tail Lights
-Dark Performance Rear Tow Hook
-Windows tinted

-Sparco Racing Harness's for DriVer and Passenger
-Rare ProdriVe Floor Mats

-KYB Tophats
-Rare JDM ProdriVe Bilstein Struts
-King Lift Springs from Australia
-Jackson Rally 1" Lift Kit
-Paranoid Fabrications 1/4" Spacers in the Front
-Paranoid Fabrications 1/2" Saggy Butt Spacers in the Back
-Suba Performance Front Strut Bar
-Paranoid Fabrications Rear Quick Release Green Strut Bar
-22mm Whiteline Rear Sway Bar
-Kartboy Endlinks

-Hawk Brake Pads

-Paranoid Fabrications Basic Grounding Kit
-Supers Single Port UEL Headers
-Gutted Catalytic ConVerter
-HKS Midpipe
-Crawford Gymkhana Axleback Exhaust

-Rallitek 4EAT Transmission Poly Insert Mount
-RS25 Torquemada Mod

Underbody Protection
-Replica ProdriVe Stage Rally Skid Plate (6061 Aluminum, 60 x 38 inches with custom mounting brackets)

-91-94 15" Subaru Legacy Turbo Wheels Sprayed Gunmetal
-15" MB Steel Wheels

-205/60/15 Hankook I-Pikes

-Viper Car Alarm / Remote Start
-GoPro Hero HD
-Subaru OEM Telescopic Snow Scraper
-Tow Ropes
-Subaru "Limited Edition" Zippo

Parts Not Installed
-Rare ProdriVe OVal Tip Axleback
-Rare ProdriVe Rally Light Pod
-Complete EDM Headlight Washer Kit
-Rareisk JDM Replica Ganador Side Mirrors
-Stainless Steel Brake Lines
-Razo A/T Shift Knob
-RS Manual Center Console Trim
-STi Rear Sway Bar
-98 RS small projector fog lights
-Rare 97-98 Forester 4EAT Tommy Kaira Gauge Cluster
-CXRacing Aluminum Radiator
-Shift Light

Future Modifications
-JDM Type RA Roof Vent
-Moar Brake Work / Upgrade All Around
-Motor swap of some sort
-JDM Seats
-Enkei or Braid Rally Wheels
-JDM GraVel Express Spare Tire Holder
-JDM GraVel Express Sideskirts
-Custom 4 Wheeling Snorkel
-Type RA 3.9FD MLSD
-Custom Metal Fender Flares
-Dual range transmission
-Higher lift / bigger tires
-Electric Slim Fans

Thanks To
-I'd like to thank eVeryone I haVe bought parts from in the past and working with me to get the parts.
-I'd also like to ask thank eVeryone that has answered and put up with my silly questions.​


IG: @RHD_Adventures
2005 Legacy GT Wagon 5 Speed
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Past Cars

93 Subaru Legacy L Wagon
No pictures sorry

94 Subaru Legacy L Wagon

96 Subaru Impreza L Coupe

99 Subaru Legacy L wagon

2005 Mazda RX-8 GT

IG: @RHD_Adventures
2005 Legacy GT Wagon 5 Speed
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Modification Close-Ups

Paranoid fabrications spacers, Jackson Rally 1" lift kit, King Lift Springs, ProdriVe Bilstein Struts

ProdriVe Intake Scoop

IG: @RHD_Adventures
2005 Legacy GT Wagon 5 Speed
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Other Stuff

This is how the car looked the first day I droVe it...

13 April 2010
123,500 Miles

20-21 Feb 2011
Went out during the snow storm to my super duper top secret snow spot last night. It's away from the roads and there are very few houses around. They also tend to not plow the parking lot til all the roads are clear. When we showed up we were the first people to driVe through the snow. It's me and a buddy in the Subie, another buddy with a 2007 lifted CheVy Ave on 35" tires, and another buddy with a 2011 Ford Raptor.

(P.S. I was so excited that I may or may not haVe left the e-brake on for the first 18 secs...:bonk:)

1999 OBS
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Your outback is freakin raw! I love your suspension set up, thinking about lifting mine when I move to Montana
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