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the coolest woman ever

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that's right, there is no woman cooler than Michele Mouton, the only woman works WRC driver, who would have won the '82 title had her tranny not failed on the last event, allowing teammate Walter Rohrl to just edge her out. she also had the record for the Pikes Peak Hillclimb in 1985 when she won the event in an Audi Quattro S1.

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Yes, she is probably much cooler than you.:nuetron:

Nick C.
no shit she is. hell, she's cooler than anyone here.

Sara Fischer, fastest woman ever around Indy. Well, at least that's what I've heard. Ahhh! I kill me.

She is pretty frickin hot though, for an IRL driver.
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Shades always add about 20% more cool.

I don't know, bustin nearly 230 n/a at Indy, and wearing shades? She might trump that Michele chick you posted. You know, it never was proven that she was a woman.
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wow, was i wrong about you josh. i thought you were cool and level headed, but now i know the true depth of your crack habbit. mouton was/is such a better driver then fischer. first off, she doesn't drive in circles. second, she drove a car with almost as much hp twenty years ago down twisty gravel roads, almost earning a world championship. 200+ mph on a banked super speedway isn't nearly as impressive as 200+ mph on public gravel roads. fischer drives in IRL, which is ghetto CART, which is ghetto F1, which is the other world championship. IRL is a joke, espeacilly when compared to WRC and Group B. oh, and lets not forget that record setting drive up Pikes Peak!
I have spent this month, like the last 10 years, working for the broadcast of the Indy 500. I agree that Michele Mouton could possibly be the number one woman driver of all time. However, Sara Fischer has to rate a real close second, if not first. One must not forget that she started driving like at age 12. Progressed through the ranks of midgets and sprint cars and at the age of 20 was competitor at Indy. I would bet that she could figure out a rally car fairly quickly...World Champion?...I don't know...Competitive?...probably.
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