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The goal of this thread is to gather up as much ORGANIZED input as possible about how different suspension setups feel. I'm considering coilovers for my RS (a 2000) and have very little tangible knowledge of what spring rates and damper settings translate to in my driving experience. If someone has already posted about your particular setup, don't post again if you share their sentiments but do create your own post following the format below if you feel your opinion is different or more thorough. Maybe if we're all concise and organized about it, we can make this a sticky!

Please do not reply unless you have at least MOST of the following:

Year, Make and Model of your car and any modifications that might affect the ride (solid bushings, STI track width, etc)
Brand and model of springs and struts or coilover setup
Springs rates front and rear. Progressive or linear?
Damping settings out of total available range, be sure to specify:
-Is the highest or lowest # softest?
-Settings for high/low speed compression and high/low speed rebound
-any other settings available
Alignment settings if significantly different from stock or unusual
Ride height adjustment range, and what you currently have it set to (measure this from center of hub to wheel arch if possible)

Driving impressions including:
-Primary use (is this your track car? daily driver? AutoX mule?)
-Streetability (comfort around town, on highway, with the significant other, etc)
-Grip and confidence over rough and smooth pavement
-Performance on gravel/rallyX/off road
-Describe the ride and compare it to other subaru suspension you've experienced

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01 rs 4 door with 6 point cage all poly bushings, alk, roll center kit, rsb, subframe lock, f/r tower braces. body has 95k.
K-sport "Kontrol Pro" for gc8
rates on springs are 204 front 240 rear (note this is different from whats listed on ksports website and they refuse to explain why)
fronts 20/36 rears 25/36 supposedly bump/rebound adjustable (but from looking at shock dynos on other forums its apparently only the rebound that gets adjusted)
-2.5 camber in front and -1.0 in the front, zero toe all around
13.5" front and 13" rear
toyo r1r 225/45/16 35 psi F&R

DD/ autox car
Ride is pretty horrible, car doesn't inspire much confidence but is really quick through cones.
My back actually got pretty fucked up when I tried to drive through a makeshift special stage trippin on acid, so the offroad capabilities are pretty much non-existant.
I'm really angry about the ksports and feel like I shouldn't swap until I fix them so I ordered some RCE T2's. I can give less hostile review after I put some real coilovers in about 3 weeks from now.
EDIT: oh and the door bars were a reaally bad idea, girls are afraid of my car... they say it reminds them of deathproof or something so I'm never gonna get laid. It could be the ksports too though.

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So i guess i'll bump this thread a little with my own input:

-2000 2.5RS Coupe w/ '04 USDM STI full drivetrain swap. I'm running WRX wagon front sway w/ stock endlinks, 20mm rear sway with spherical bearing endlinks and heavy duty mounts, USDM STI rear subframe, JDM STI front subframe w/ USDM STI steering rack, stock RS control arms, and a whiteline street-level anti lift kit. I'm running Bridgestone RE070's in 225/45/17 at 40/38psi front/rear.
-The important stuff is that i'm running a set of pretty heavily used/high mileage Version 6 Struts and springs on all four corners.
-Spring rates according to are 237front/195rear
-Stock Version 6 STI Struts are the beefy inverted KYB-manufactured kind rumored to have very high damping rates, no adjustability, and lots of initial stiction (resistance to initial movement)
-Alignment is currently set to whatever the stock specs for an RS should be with the lone exception of -1.0 camber in the rear because of the slightly lower suspension
-Ride height is not adjustable and currently sits about 13.5-13.75" from hub to wheel arch in the front and though i didn't measure the back the drop looks fairly even front to back with little or no butt-sag on my coupe.

Driving impressions:
-This is eventually intended to be my primary/daily driver, though i don't commute to work by car. I have attended a few AutoX's and plan to attend many more with a few track days in between
-To put it plainly, this is not the most comfortable suspension for the street. While the springs rates are relatively low compared to coilovers, the stiction and aggressive struts make the ride pretty bouncy over most pavement faults. There is audible strut "clunk" mostly in the rear because of the stiction of the inverted strut design, and it's possible to drive over small or fairly low-speed bumps without experiencing any suspension compression. Grip and confidence over rough pavement isn't great, and the car gets skittish over expansion joints or rough pavement in a turn. Large bumps cause a pretty severe jolt, though nothing as harsh as some AGX setups i've ridden in.
-The ONLY thing this suspension setup does REALLY well is control body roll. While the car still experiences body roll in hard turns, tight slalom sections, quick direction changes, and fast turn-in are all very sharp and controlled.
-I have not yet tried running this suspension off road yet, though i would imagine strut stiction would be an issue until a certain speed was reached.
-A little more refined than an ultra-low ride-height AGX setup i rode in a few times with less "Crashing" over big bumps. WAY sharper but also harsher than the trashed stock struts and springs this setup replaced. Other than that, i have very little comparison.

My frustration is that i'm likely riding on or very near the bump stops at my current ride height according to this thread:

My current thoughts are that i want to upgrade to Koni strut inserts or Tokico D-Specs with a Ground Control coilover kit using 9inch springs in the 300/250lb-in range front/rear to try to regain ride height, suspension travel, and rough-pavement stability. If anyone has experience with this or similar setups, please drop me an email or two as i'd love to hear your opinions about it.
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