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the bolt on saga has ended...turbo, or stay n/a?

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yep, i've bolted on every readily available performance part to my car, and of course, i want more more more...merely 'quick' has lost it's appeal. :D so i'm at a crossroads here...should i stay n/a, swap in a 2.5, and build from there, or go forced induction, whether through a swap or turbo kit?

i figured if i was going through the hassle of wiring and such, i might as well go turbo, until i saw this. it looks like swapping in a 2.5 would be much easier than i initally thought, then later on down the road i could build the engine up from there (cams, etc).

and then there's forced induction, and i know all the merits of that, which i why i was going to go that route in the first place.

however, my car is quite a bit lighter than the average impreza (thus requiring less motivating power), and the 2.5 would be a much simpler affair than it was in the past. plus, i don't want to have a car with tons of non-standard/OEM custom made parts on it, in the event that something decides to break miles from home...i want something that in a worst case scenario, i can still take to a subaru dealer and get fixed after they get over their initial grumbling. i also want a minimum of electrical hassle, which is why the 2.5 looks more attractive right now.

just looking for ideas at this point...

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