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That's Just Great!!

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Well I'm looking for a new 2.5 RS 2 Door!!

Why you ask?

Well I woke up this morning got dressed and went out to go get some milk and bread for breakfast and well the whole front left of my car was totalled!!:mad:

I almost cried!!:(

Seems last night someone got drunk hit my car with a large grey truck and drove off noticing that no one was around and it was probably like 4 in the morn.
so I'm left with the rubble and an insurance agent breathing down my neck abnout leaving a brand new car on the road!!
They are only going to give $20K for it. That's Blasphemy!!
I payed 36K$ when I bought it last year. And my insurance is going to go up to $500 a month!!

So anyway, I anyone hears of someone selling a 99' up RS 2 Door for a decent price in Canada please let me know!!

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It's because some people want to become post whores... :lol:
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