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Thanks [email protected]

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Thanks for the whiteline springs and the advice on the install. Great customer service, everyone should be as friendly as you and easy to order from as you are. Here is a pic of the final product. Thanks again.



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Thank you for the kind words, even though you are most likely are refering to Brett. He is the guy in the parts department.

By the way, i've been on this site for awhile now and this is the first time I think i've looked at this forum. At least I found someone saying nice things about me and not talking shit.

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Yeah, sean rocks!

Btw, your car looks nice! I really like that impreza red! :)
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Sean...Brett same difference. Still great service. (I'm an idiot)
I think brett might get offended by saying that. Either way good to hear that we took care of you.
So, what the hell do you do there?
Keep the chair warm!!!!!

I install all the aftermarket parts, sell cars, calm customers down after our cadilac service writers miss quote subaru work, build toys for the owner, and I do help sell parts even though I don't get payed by that department.

Mostly post whore on!!!!!
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