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So i decided i want to get some kinda forced induction in my 01 RS.
Because I am a poverty stricken college student, my original plan to do an full usdm wrx swap is not going to happen anytime soon. So, i think i want to do my own buildup. I found this 86 gl turbo with a 1.8L that has a cyl out. The guy wants beans for the whole car and the body is in pretty good shape. I just wanted to know if i should be looking for a newer engine to start with or if the 86 block/internals would be alright(prob get new internals anyway). My overall goal is to have a 1.8block with ej20 or 22 heads for the compression. Any thoughts or ideas?
BTW, I tried to search but am lacking other resources so any external/internal links would help a bunch.

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the GL turbo used an older series of subaru engines (EA82?) and wont bolt up to ej series heads. Good try though.

You should be able to find a newer EJ Series ej22 for the cost of a 6-pack but it wont have much power. An RS ej25 will get you a bit of power (plenty for a GL) but be more expensive ($500 range). With either your gonna have fun with wiring.

Your best/easiest bet would be to get it and stay with the older motor style, and do some searching on sand rails, those guys have built more EA motors than we have, lol.

EDIT: Your keeping the RS? Oh, different story then, i thought you were making a GL project...

The EA series from the GL wont bolt up. Either save up for the swap, or try to do a homebrew turbo (with greater chance of blowing your motor). Forced induction is expensive, and your gonna be spending at least $2,000 to get it running (letalone running right).
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