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Tein S-tech springs?

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Anyone running Tein S-techs with the stock shocks?
How do you like it?

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Running them with version 5's. HATE THEM!:curse:
Do not use stock struts with Tein s-springs. they don't match and didn't feel good when i hade mine like that. now i have it with version 5/6 struts and works great for me.
I run them with the KYB/AGX's and they are fine. Not bad for my first set of springs and struts but I need more now and better.

I would think that with the stock struts they might be a bit bouncy.
I've got S-Techs with KYB AGX struts, and when the struts are set at 1 (softest), the ride is pretty bouncy. Also, the S-Techs are quite a bit lower than stock, and that puts more stress on the struts, which will cause your struts to wear out much faster. You should get struts at the same time, so that you can switch back to your stock suspension someday in the future if you need to.

BTW, I'm thinking about switching to whiteline springs, or maybe SPT/eibach. If you want my Teins, email me [email protected]

Dirt Man said:
Running them with version 5's. HATE THEM!:curse:
i was about to mention that someone told me they hated theirs, but i'm pretty sure that was you (at the mastro meet). :)

i just got my H&R's on (well, the front anyways, since tire rack sent me 2 right rear struts :curse: ), and they are grrrrreat! ride height and fender gap are perfect, and ride quality is still very good, even on brick roads...nasty speed bumps and califiornia curbs are the only places where things get 'abrupt'.

now with the nice new stiff suspension up front, and the 106K mi jell-o in the rear, it's quite interesting to drive. drifffffffffffffffffffffft... :biggest:

i think the only springs you can run without ruining the stock struts, and making the ride crappy are the STi and prodrive springs.
Erm, don't the Teins lower the car 1.75 inches? Seems a little low, but I suppose the H&Rs are close behind and have such a good rep.
Thanks for all the input

I went ahead and put them on anyway to see how I liked them.

They dropped the car the perfect height for me (I would say probably about 1.6, but thats on the factory struts) and the ride is damn nice considering that they are on the stock struts.
I've only had them on for about a week so far though so we'll see what happens in the future.

It handles way better and its really not that much bouncier either.

So far I love em, and I'll let you know if my opinion changes anytime soon.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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