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I have them. I have a couple questions for those experienced with them. Right now, the dampening is set at 10 front and 12 rear. It floats a little on the highway, so I guess I should stiffen the dampening? say 8 front, 10 rear? Should I keep the incriments between the front and rear at 2? What should my tire pressure be at? (I'm running stock 16" RS wheels w/ RE92s :barf: ) Im sure I have other questions... Ill figure them out later :p


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Your numbers are from full hard? You have the "normal" spring rates?

What do you have for top hats? THe the PBM's or STi rubber mounts?

Your bouncing might be from your stock mounts (if you are using them) and/or your tires. For a test, jack your tire pressure up to 45 pounds and see if it still bounces on the freeway. I would'nt continue to drive on the road with pressure like that though. You really need to get a different set of tires to really take advantage of the suspention and a proper allignment to go with it.

It is likely that you are under dampened if it is bouncy, BUT it can also get bouncy if it is over dampened. It is not likely to manifest in a bouncy freway ride if you are over dampended though.

I run mine 1 click apart, but I have 330 and 390 spring rates, so it doesn't mean anything to you. You can try just about anything as long as it isn't "stupid" like full hard in the rear and full soft in the front. I tuned mine by riding around with my seat straight up and my head on the head rest and seeing how each end of the car reacted to bumps that I encountered.

Keep in mind that there are more "clicks" than there are adjustments on the strut. (~22 clicks and only 16 adjustments) so depending which way you started from you may not actually be at where you think you are.


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