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Well the suspension is in. Finished the install late Friday (2 am). I think I started around 2 in the afternoon, with a long break for dinner (mmm...sushi ). Wasn't difficult, just time consuming due to my retentiveness.

Right now it's about 1-1/4" down from stock (well 1-1/4 down from AJ's car). I set it up to Tein's recommendations in the manual. I'm not goin any lower, as the lip spoiler is only 4-1/2 from the ground, and the important underneath bits are low as well (hope to add custom skidplate for pretection). I can however drop 30mm more from where I'm at according to the Tein manual (this would be known as "ghetto low", AFIAC. It's getting new tires this week as well as an alignment (front camber is off, too negative...not ricer negative, just more than is needed for good tire wear). I'm running 8 clicks (out of 16) off full stiff and it feels very good, stiff but not kidney killing. But it lets you know about EVERYTHING you roll over; you will forever know which roads are the good ones. It's even passed the wife test on most roads.

No clunks or other bad sounds, either. In fact, the PBM's are not any louder than stock (note though that people who have heard my car will claim I couldn't hear it anyway )

The nice thing with this setup is that lowering does not affect stroke or initial spring preload, as the strut mount bracket is threaded, so you change height by moving the braket up and down the strut. I would wager it is a little more difficult to change height this way, but I don't plan on changing height that often (winter/summer heights)

Any questions let me know. And for those that missed the install we'll be putting a set on AJ's car when he gets back from cruise, in case your interested.

I'll try to get out and grab some pics.

Update: Everything's still good, had what I thought was PBM clunk in front, but turns out some dumb ass (hmmm..I guess that would be me) hadn't torqued the top nut properly when the suspension went in. Actually things are better as I have new tires 215/45-17 Kumho 712s, (205/40-17 Falken Zeix 512's in the pics). Took my Dad for a ride, and through the one corner he likened it to a roller coaster turn, ie where you see the turn and know how fast you are going, and think your fly off, but the thing just turns. I suppose I should have warned him I was going to "demonstrate". He also commented on the lack of roll given the speed I went through the turn at. Recently drove the car to wellsburo for the rally (2.5 hr drive, one way) and home to visit parents (2 hr, one way), with no issues over the stiffness, execpt having to stop to pee more often :D .


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