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TEIN coliovers rulez!!!

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i love my coiovers.....just installed it couple of days ago....went up to 50+ mph on 25mph ramp without problem....with worn out tires.

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Although I do not have Teins (just installed cuscos), I know the feeling of going fast on an on-ramp. Coilovers make the car soooo stable at high speeds!

Oh, and did you get type HAs?
since masaya hasn't answered u guys...yes he has the typa ha's

Have you guys seen the in car adjustment setup Tein sells now?
Yeah the thing is nice. You can adjust damper levels from inside the car by connecting the wires and the machine from the strut top to the inside of your car. It has memory so your favorite setting is a button away. I think its a great idea and for the price they sell (MSRP $300 in Japan), it is a steal.
haha akcel....yea i have type HA i got it at JApan this winter break.

and I am looking to buy the dampening swithch system also.
with this you can change the dampening amount from inside the car.

yea fot that price i will definetely gingto buy it.

I think its pretty cheap...i saw them last year on magazines.
1 dollar=~130 yen @ 39500 yen is roughly 300.

sorry Im not trying to be an ass, but I'm just bored... up goes the post count:p :biggest: ;) !!!
Here is the fun part, someone buys it for 300 usd, and then marks it up to 400. Up goes the post count indeed! If anyone wants one of these things, I'll see what I can do. I just started working at Stillen, and we can get these. I can also get JIC coilovers and rear suspension braces. If anyone is interested, email me at [email protected]
scoobyrs25: my bad, wasnt thinking right.

so... Stillen eh? Got anything for the RS in the near future? Come on tell me I wont tell ANYBODY:lol: !

edit: Me no spell correctly
Stillen doesn't make anything for us, but we are a distributer of everything. New to the lineup is JIC coilovers and rear suspension strut tower braces. We also can get Teins, GReddy, HKS, KYB, Volks, just about anything really. Give me a call, our prices our totally flexable. Ask for Kevin in the Sports Car division.
im actually going to Japan for whole entire next year so im gonna be working there saving up money and buy lotsa stuff there...hehehe

and i know places there selling stuff for cheap so if need small stuff later i can help you guys

for example i got myself a TEIN coliover used rebuilt for only $700 us which was 75000 yen.

Keep us in the loop, hell, start a thread and put together a crate!
haha hell i'll provide the crate....throw me a 22b in there please thanks
scoobyrs25, can you get me a good price on Tein HA's with pillowballs? If your so inclined, i could get you good prices on a certain brand of yellow and black power tools :D? Anything out of the catalog goes.

PM me, if interested

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