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Teague's Auto, Project Legacy!

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I just wanted to share with eveyone the work that has been done, the events that have been run, and give a great thanks to Dale Teague.

After Dale sold his 'pride & joy' (1995 Legacy FWD) he approached me about using my car as a project car. This had a lot to do with my driving talent, and the fact that I was crazy enough to go run in events all over the southeast on at least 3 out of 4 weekends every month. :lol: I must say, I was thrilled!

What Dale (and I) wanted to prove was that the Legacy can be as much of a contender in the 'sport compact' market as the Impreza. First let me say, I think we found success! Now the first comment I always hear is, "well it has a lot more to do with the driver than the car." That is true to an extent. I started running my Legacy in autocrosses about two and half years ago. At the time I was running in stock classes, and taking a beating! I did some mods on the car, and luckily STS came along. Perfect! It was just what I was looking for. I found the car much more competative in STS. Yes, the CAR much more competative. My driving didn't change that much. At first STS was a small class that didn't look like it would ever amount to anything. At most of the regional events now, it is one of, if not the largest class! With the addition of parts, and the building of my driving skills, and of course some of Dale's hard work (yes he does work occasionally ;) ), I have been able to nail down several STS titles this year. I finished first in the CCR-SCCA year-long points championship, first in Highlands Sports Car Club's Night Series points championship, and first in NCAC (North Carolina Autocross Championship) points championship. I was also aiming for a win in Triad's points championship, however there were several conflicting events. Is this a rant about how well I drive? Absolutly not! (ok, maybe a little. hehe..) This is about the car that allowed me to drive like that well!

The idea is a budget minded setup, that can compete with the big guys. (ie: DMS suspensions & such) That said, allow me to revel the *secret* setup! ;)

The car is a 1998 Legacy GT Sedan. The suspension modifications are as follows: Eibach Pro-Kit Springs, KYB AGX Adjustable Struts, Whiteline Rear Swaybar (18-22mm), Addco Front Swaybar (25mm), Whiteline Solid End-links (front & rear), powerflex control arm bushings, MRT camber/castor plates in the front and STI Group N upper mounts in the rear, and a Whiteline front strut tower brace. The power modifications include: custom cat-back exhaust, utilizing a Magnaflow muffler. A K&N cone filter using a Kart-boy MAF adapter. (we were using a Weapon R Dragon kit, which I now miss, but had to be sold to allow for some other parts), GFB underdrive pully, and an Apex-i S-AFC. Misc. other stuff: Kart-boy short shifter, Kart-boy exhaust hangers, Whiteline poly steering rack bushings. For brakes I have added the DBA cross drilled and slotted rotors, MRT sport compound pads in the front and factory pads in the rear. I am also in the process of installing the Goodridge Braided Stainless brake lines. All the above parts were purchased from Dale Teague, except the Magnaflow muffler and powerflex control arm bushings, which were purchased from Deadbolt. Tires have been different throughout the year, but the majority of the time I was running on Potenza RE-730's. This coming season I will be trying out the new Falken Azenis.

If this seems like a shameless ad for Teague's Auto, that's because it is! ;) Dale's wealth of Subaru knowledge has not only help me improve my car's performance, it has also kept it alive through the abusive life I have given it! :lol:

The future: I have run in two Pro-solo events in this car, and I am planning on running in as many as I can this year. I also have plans to take the Legacy to Nationals this year. I don't know how I will fare at these events, but I know that the car is set-up as well as it can be. So I guess it will just be up to me to drive it fast!

Once again, Thanks Dale!

BTW: When you see me in Kansas the car will have well over 100k miles on the clock! :D
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Steven is correct. While he is a great driver, his Legacy is a very well balanced machine. At the last CCR event I attended (September I think) my RS was having some severe alignment issues (plus I corded one of my slicks really bad) and I drove Stevens Legacy for my last three runs. Not only did I miss finish third in S-Mod by under one tenth of a second (yes that is right SMod) but the times I recorded in a car I was not familiar with would have placed me a solid second in STS (which is where the car truly is legal). That was in a car that I am not familiar with. This Legacy is a very awesome piece of equipment.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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