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TCU Project for MY01RS 4EAT

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Okay, lets see if we can get something going...
I know there is currently a racing shifter in development from levelten, but I would prefer something cheaper and possiblily it's programmable. I know where and how the part would be, but now I just have to get the spec from AUTECS inorder to continue the project. Please help if you know anything about hacking the TCU.
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Any update guys
sorry man, I gave up on this project a while back....
There's someone here in the Denver area that found out how to wire in a switch that you just flip to lock in the stick gears... did it really cheap. Gonna hopefully hook up with him sometime soon to see how he did it. Pro-ecm also did one that they didn't post on the site where he used a Momo wheel and the 2 buttons on the front for the up/down shifting... but that ran like $700 or so.
yeah i would like to know more about this project...has anyone installed a torque converter on their 4eat...i thought about this but i dont have the money right...but anybody got any feeback on them?
I can't remember who but I talked to a couple people before who had installed modified torque converters and said they rocked... were faster off the line and put power to the ground better.
sounds good but they are pretty expensive
Yup... starts around 550 or so... found a couple sites that actually have a fair amount of stuff on newer subaru 4eats... sport shift kits... full racing transmissions etc. this one seemed to have the most specific info... lotta plug and play stuff and the prices aren't too bad. Might buy a couple things from them when I can afford it again...


Don't know anyone that's done this but it's been something I've wanted to do for a while... might wait till after turbo now though :p
good finds...i'm gonna look into some of this stuff
I guest @ the end of the day, a 5 or 6 MT is the way to go, unless drag racing.
After talking to the guys at Nasioc about TCs and such... Protorque seems to be the best place to get your TC modded if you were interested. They will do RS's even though it's not listed on their site. I might do that before a turbo kit now...
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