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TC upgrade or 2001 and below?

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A few people on the I-Club have been doing the TC upgrade on their WRX's. On the UK WRX club they have been doing this for many years. I also would like to have this done. I've always felt that my '99 auto needed to be up higher in the "band" than it was.

So, I guess I have a few questions:

1. Is the 2002 WRX auto tranny just like the older RS tranny (sans the different type of shift pattern on the console)?

2. If they are not are the TC's the same?

3. Has anyone upgraded their TC on 2001 and pre RS's?

4. Can you purchase just the TC from either Level 10 or Pro-Torque or must you send your old TC in?

With more power on the way (SC's) I'd like to make sure I am making better use of the power that will be available.

Shawn S.
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Someone here posted they did one from Protorque, and liked it a lot. I have not searched for it, but I'm sure you can find it. In regards to your questions:

1. I'm pretty sure it's the exact same tranny

2. The TC are probably identical. However, since the WRX is turbo, it may have a different stall speed, but the new RS is probably the same

3. See above - someone did. I am planning on one from Protorque because they are less expensive than LevelTen

4. I believe it's a swap deal. I was thinking I could get a used one from a wrecking yard, send it in, then have two. I can't really go without my car for 2-4 weeks while they do their thing... :)

Hope that helps!
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